Wednesday, November 19, 2008


possibly most favourite collaboration of all time..well, top 5. What you see here and below is a collage of photographs i took over the last month - lisa smolkin and i did an art room at the Gladstone Hotel. We hung hundreds of lisa's paintings in..4hrs. 4 of us gunning it. me on 2 hrs sleep/jetlag/insomnia. it was great. So lisa brought the salt lamp and i spontaneously threw the pointe shoes in my bag on the way down. Grant Heaps works for the Toronto Ballet and has been saving shoes for me! i have an amazing collection. They are gold to me. So we threw down the salt lamp and the cord was in the way and i'm all: someone's gonna trip on that so i covered the cord w/ the's so beautiful. the colour scheme. those lamps are marketed as HEALING..and interestingly..all those shoes/soles/in agony/in a row/ leading up to/ some salt lamp heal-age. Heel.
some of the other pics are from a mini art tour w/ Dark Hand And Lamplight. FUN!
i'm making a poster out of this. Found @ London Museum in their art office. This explains All Art Ever Made And To Be Made(inthefuture). i'm really into offices and i'm into making art in an office and i'm into making art out of office supplies. i'm still into The Office. Much of my art is organized in an elaborate filing system - just office. I used to work in an office when i was a post-teen.

my art
Living Legend
shareballs taking the lead. she did 5 times more work than we did.

My precious laptop. so full i fear 'SONNY' may blow up. this was taken on the canzine day. i laughed hysterically at the d-listed 'these belong in hell' expose on the CROC snowboot 'ugg' wannabees. wtf? it's hard to see. that foto is too po-po-mo (post-post modern) I could not stop laughing.
some of my favourite pieces were text-based: "Fuck the Government" and "I Am Not A Christian". alright lisa!

Robert Dayton in one of his kitten sweaters. he has a collection of cat sweaters.

i'm doing an online market right now through Poppytalkhandmade. Go have a look see! It is a virtual online streetmarket. who'd a thunkit in 97?


the yukonomist said...

so glad you are still into dlisted. he gets better and better and is my fav on innernet besides walk it out. so nice to talk to you but after 2.5 hours we hadn't really had a decent catch up, although my life is boring so we got that up to date... thanks for fillin in your blanx via email. sounds DIVINE. wendy and i went to COASTERS last night and we danced to pump up the jam and rock your body. i would have danced to piece of me but we were in deep discussion at the time.
can't wait to get my howlin hex.. will check mail tomorrow. next week your gear will get in the mail and on the bus. i will email re the printer/scanner scenario. maybe we can discuss on the phone again when i am tapin up boxes and labelling with your info.

can i watch the office USA on the innernet? or are you renting it? saturdays suck because of hockey but i'm on round 2 of mad men and it's good again.

say hi to robert dayton, lil ham.

loveyou sonja. love fatal distraction an my new peanut. thank you.

Aparna said...

Very beautiful post.

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mugwit said...

Robert Dayton Robday Ertton is my art guru, he hangin' dem cahonas on the people . I am a etofreak. I like to dick widj spellin. Man, dat Dayton dood, he well heavy blud. Like his hair sett me off laughing at my folicled good fortune! The man maybe a conductor on the crazy train, but he not rock bald, like is a eagle man! No, he has the wildee man look. Der rigour in all the bad spelling and smelling circles of London. There are doors you knock in soho, and you get checked out through a spy glass. If you are cool, the door opens on to a heavy duty hedonistic scene. ... Opps! Got to get the washing in, it's spitting rain. Laters Max

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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