Thursday, November 13, 2008

Howling Hex

omg i'm so bored.
i'm at home simultaneously making bunnies and writing a grant and PROCRASTINATING. i am The Worst!

Hi Lady Friends. i'm selling a limited edition giclee print thru my etsy store. i only have 40 left from the edition of 50. it's a top quality german etching paper and top quality print job. this paper absorbs the ink in a surreal kind of way. it looks like a watercolour - vibrant and nicely saturated.
It is 8.5X11" in size.
I am selling it for $45.
As added incentive - an original piece from this series just sold for $1,000 in an art auction. I want to help you start and/or add to your art collection.

here's the link:

things i like right now:

soft black licorice from australia
piles of white angora sweaters. ANY pile of angora
Old Man Ray's beautiful long-haired white cat 'Whitey' who lives below me
a perfect pink porcelain lady leg i traded w/ Boyle
'cock sucker' art from Smolkin
dennis wilson's album 'pacific ocean blue'
john masters organic beauty products ('blood orange and vanilla' body lotion, et cets)

i went to a reading at a laundermat last night. i couldn't hear anything for the washing machines and people getting change so i had to leave.

that's all for now, folks!


Ana Laura Perez said...

Will your book be up again for sale?
Im sorry i keep asking about this!
Much love

Lisa said...

I was thrilled when i heard about your work at auction. That is a very impressive event as well.

By the way-so jealous of your Boyle leg.

One more thing-when you comin gby the gallery? I am done work on the 30th?! Are you even in Van???

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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