Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i hate to say it i no longer believe that love can save the day.

break through: i CAN use lambswool! it doesn't mess up the integrity of the Fierce Bunny...mind you..the lambswool is really only working for the PEEPER size now..visualize a peanut that swelled up to the size of...a twinkie. That's Peeper size.

been 'watching' that HBO show Bored To Death. I'm only listening and treating it like a radio play b/c if i look up from my sewing, i'm wastin' time! and that cannot happen right now. i'm a robot! anyways...listening to Bored To Death and have now developed a crush on JASON SCHWARTZMAN..wt? when did this happen? is this how pathetic...? i always thought he was too twee and goofy & obvious*for my complicated tastes. I'm so OVER THAT. I did glance at the screen once or twice and he was doing something incredibly hilarious (eg killing time - an hour - standing by a tree waiting...doing push-ups against the tree, attempting to climb the tree and 'falling'10 inches, pretending to tie his shoe etc. Pure comedy). That's when it started. a few years ago i was watching extras fr the Marie Antoinette DVD (which i LOVE) and he was doing a fake 'cribs' at Versailles and it was..hilarious. transcendent, basically. kid's a genius.

plus ted danson is on B.T.D...and he's just great. I 'met' him once at this antique store i used to work at. His wife Mary Steenburgen (co-starred in POWDER - world's most hilarious movie) was shopping up a storm - grabbing any 'shabby chic' item she could get her hands on. This crazy store i used to work at in vancouver was called 'salmagundi'. it was like working on an old, old ship. I'd put down my water glass and wouldn't be able to find it for the STUFF everywhere (antiques, toys, junk)...Ted Danson on the bottom floor was TOO MUCH. he's very, very short and very friendly. he was so nice. he said 'hello'. I love Ted Danson*

*plus he's on DAMAGES.

i should really blog more about salmagundi. there was some hilarious sh*t that went down there. mostly with my co-worker DREW SHAFFER. we had 5,000 jokes to keep us going. This included various personas, a fake band called "Bonus" and innumberable sketch comedy pieces with every prop you can imagine at our fingertips. One time i chased a junkie down the street who was trying to steal an antique painting. Actually. I didn't chase anyone. I just called out after him. He put the painting down and walked away.

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Katherine said...

Those photographs have been a bright spot in my otherwise dreary day!

Also, I'd like to formally thank you for listing Lessons in your list. (I know it's considered bourgeois to do that but I don't care! :)

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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