Monday, October 26, 2009

it really doesn't take much...

to make my day! all it takes is a BUNNYKINS plate !

(or cup or bowl or eggcup...or!)

i started writing this on elisa rose's facebook wall and then realized i can only multi-task right now so here we go:

i sure do love my new BUNNYKINS plate (replete with 'bath time scene'). awwwwwyea. am about to eat off it in about...five. thanks again, fwend.xo ps have u seen those 'airwick' ads on 'surf the channel'? they're SO BAD. three different scenes of 3 different ladies from different walks of life walking into different rooms of their house and being 'greeted' by the scent of 'airwick''s a motion-activated plug-in airfreshener..the afro-american/black* lady says: "Now that's what i'm talkin' about'...UNbelievable.

aside from the lame stereotyping, can u imagine the REEK? probably a hunnerd times worse than FEBREEZE! my most hated thing on planet earth. (sorry people if u like febreeeze. i'm one of those scent nazis...two steps away from posting up posters: can u please stop wearing your cruddy perfume at yoga class or in the office space or on the skytrain or subway? thanks')

(do u know that song 'planet earth' by duran duran? i always have that in my head. NOT to be confused with 'ordinary world'. Duran Duran. @ age 11, i would fantasize that simon lebon was my older brother and john taylor was my interest. sumthing like that. tres embarrassing. 'now that's what i'm talkin about...')

back to bunnykins..i've been eating off those since i was 3!

so elisa rose found one today at valvil in all the halloween insanity. she's got the magic touch! i think ALL of my friends have the magic touch! that includes you! she helped me today w/ my bunnies. i'm sick and rundown from too much working. i never know when to stop. i'm a SLAVE!

speaking of scents..i tried to give elisa a small tub of a lush product that brooke sent me fresh from the's made with shea butter from their 'friends in ghana'. okay. that's nice...and it's herbal...again. it reeks. she wouldn't even take it..she said, 'throw it out!' and i said, 'it's hard for me throw things away'.

back to multi-tasking...i'm mostly eating pureed soup i've been making from roasted vegetables. i have learned that if i drink it out of the mug i can still work and eat!



Anonymous said...

My surf the channel beef is the 'IQ' test that says "lamp or bikini"


Off to play Evony;)

kdove said...

Sonja!! My first dishes were bunnykins dishes! my mom wrote this journal entry about how when i was one she tried to give me a drink out of a normal cup and i refused and kept pointing to the cupboard and saying bunyeeee and she finally realized i would not receive liquid from anything but a bunnykin cup and well, hello doesn't that all make sense considering where i am today. oh dear, it was the bunnykins that did me in!! i miss you. heart kristin

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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