Tuesday, October 20, 2009

yesterday was especially great because i got to see meet of my favourite kinds of dogs

i'm not real
real deal

gimme that dog
nice art
in action. totally hilarious

i really love these little Belgian dogs. Maybe they are telling me i need to move to the city of light! Antwerp. I was reminded of that idea while i watched that movie 'away we go' during sew-a-thon...that movie is really sweet somtimes verging on u-know-what but adorable nonetheless. dave eggers had a 50% hand in the writing..with a lady - Vendela Vida - to balance it out. good. there is a super hilarious scene RE 'junk in the trunk'. that jon guy from 'the office'. ya i'll take one of those. (cant believe he's engaged to emily blunt. cant believe she made that 'jane austen book club' movie happen. that movie is horrible & insulting).

in other entertainment news, i saw DESTROYER play a lil while back. that was eye-opening. i've only seen destroyer play in vancouver - where they live. he. so it was just friends standing around. seeing them/him=Dan surrounded by DESTROYER FANS was a whole other thing . i couldnt' believe it. Destroyer Fans are O.O.C. I stood next to two frat boys (baseball hats/ralph lauren dress shirts. sorry to box) singing EVERY SINGLE LYRIC holding up their bottles in salute - boggling my mind. They might as well have been quoting every word of ...'war and peace'...Dan's song lyrics are of the more complex and tailored-word story-song telling..variety. I said later, 'they might as well have been reciting 'The Highwayman' -which is like an 18 stanza epic poem thing i like to reference). i was sneakily trying to get video documentation of the guys next to me singing along. For Evidence. It was too dark. Next time. i could do a whole art project based on this business. I guess bottom line is - i have faith for humanity. Music For Men. Just for fun i yelled out really loud between songs: We Love You Dan!

back to those little dogs. i love those little dogs..they are like a cat a fox and a dog all rolled up into one. they have two layers of fur - the undercoat. One of the breed characteristics is a long ruff that surrounds the neck. They also have longer coat on their hind legs called culottes! their Dutch name means Little Sailor or Little Shepherd. They love to travel by sea. Skipper Keys. There is great debate as to whether it is a SPITZ or a sheepdog. They are small dog and wiki:

The Schipperke is also known as the "little black fox", "Tasmanian black devil" and "little black devil," often because they can be stubborn, mischievous, and headstrong because they are naturally curious and high-energy dogs. Schipperkes are very smart and independent, and sometimes debate listening to owners and doing whatever benefits them the most.

and yes..they bear a striking resemblance to my beloved gone-away cat FRANCES the black manx...born with no tail. docking need not apply.

PS i'm not a fan of tail docking.

PPS AND! i just learned that 'the pie and the patty pan' by beatrix potter is about a one of these dogs!


anabela / fieldguided said...

Those dogs are THE BEST! I saw them a few years ago on one of those Westminster dog contests. That was back in the day when I wanted a dog more than ANYTHING. Hard.

girlyhandwriting said...

I am a longtime lover of the Schipperke. I saw one for the first time a couple of years ago in my sister's neighborhood. There was a man in a wheelchair and this little magical bear-pup strolling alongside him! I had to find out what he was. His name was Sebastian. I've been coveting my own ever since!

Sonja Ahlers said...

clearly only a special breed of excellent ladies agree on the Skipper Key!!!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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