Thursday, May 6, 2010

black sabbath witch

i cant wait to get to chicago!!! awesome people like....Anne Elizabeth Moore.
i think we'll all just end up in Chicago.
She's going to write a review of The Selves in Bitch Magazine. Yah!! I think Bitch will like the page in the selves that reads: I gotta stop being a bitch
in brooke's perfect watercolour print.
but we is changing to: START. scratch 'stop' replace with START.
it's really okay. look at bette davis!
(thanks LP for suggest)

i'm taking advantage of toronto's good cheap food/lazy *ss not cooking (i just got here!)'s cheaper to eat out here. i dont do that in the yukon. it is so, so, so nice to ride the bike in the city on a sunny day in a spring dress. i've been wearing my yukon attire for long enuff. (you dont wanna know). i'm getting ready for TCAF this weekend! That comics festival is just gonna be off the hook!

i was watching 'the lovely bones' on the plane. that 'alice' cocteau twins song srsly chokes me up (hit that 2nd link. it'll blow your mind). i guess peter jackson likes elizabeth fraser (as much as i do)..b/c they used a really old C.Twins song and then a new one...the old stuff is incoherent and her newer work crystal clear. you can hear her every word. she was obscuring them before. the divide between old work and new work is vast. i can dig it. i can get to that. Some ppl prefer the older work.

i swear the handsome boy in L. Bones was holding up that black sabbath album cover..i rewound it a few times to make sure but the dumb plane video screen wasn't complying. it's the cover with the witch that i used in...the book.

i talk about the book like it was my baby. it is my baby. a lifetime of thought and nine months to make...and i dont have a pet right now (unless you count my rock) so i need a bookbaby to keep me going. the other 'Alice' link is from a movie called: El espíritu de la colmena (The Spirit of the Beehive). It's from 1973. This is odd b/c 'the lovely bones' was set in 1973 too, as in also. (& my dollar bill towel has that date on it. alot of good things happened that year. dreamboat annie. people were born).

Watching a snippet of 'spirit of the beehive' makes 'lovely bones' look like a mcdonald's ad. (i mean rotten ronnie mcd's)

i love markie mark (and i liked the movie still... cos i'm like that. i love that sh*t).


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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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