Friday, May 21, 2010


Up Above: those are some selves and you know it: Bette Davis when she was so, so young..a different self of her later self (Hi. All About Eve. One of my all-time favourite movies.There is a book called All About All About Eve which I need to read), Jerri Blank/Amy Sedaris, of the flower children from my very old book from the turn-of-the-century.
"Jerri" is another Brooke N. masterpiece.

Robert Dayton's Karaoke Klarification:

Roxy Music- Virginia Plain, Stories- Brother Louie, Bee Gees-Lonely days.

Thank goodness I know! The Brother Louie song he did was killer. Random strangers started dancing. Robert is so great at setting a mood in a room.

(I think there is going to be some krazy karaoke actiono this Sunday. It's a long weekend which makes no difference in my life except that everyone else goes all crazy. so yes. that does affect my life cos usually i'm running for the hills on these occasions).

I just spent the last 12 hours working on my website. As per my 'tweet', it was like teaching Jerri Blank how to read at age 48. Sort of. Jason instructed me. I think he was impressed? I was learning faster than that. It was only a glimmer of Jerri trying to spell 'cat'. A flash. Okay so I'm ready to do your website now. Okay not. Like: ZERO TIME. I think I asked J-dogg a YEAR ago to help me with my website. That's how long it's been. I think the only way it could've been done is if..guess what? I do it myself. Do-it-myself with instructor standing behind me telling me what to do every step of the way.

Ya..iweb! that's it! This is total barebones and the home page is a f'n mess. We had to start somewhere. This is a work-in-progress and I seem to do this often enuff in public. Work. Half Getting There.

Oh so here are the BAREBONES:

I was at Conan the Barbarian's for about 12 hours working on this. The working was disrupted often b/c of intermittent 'career counselling' going on. We were doing a work trade.

I'm a perfectionist so please dont laugh at the website. I just had to get SOMETHING UP. It looks like I'll be working on it for awhile. But finally. How liberating. I can do this myself.

It needs alot alotta work.

Newsflash of the week: i'm hoping hope hope this happens but Marisa Meltzer may pass on "The Selves" to TAVI. It's funny. I dont read Tavi's blog very often b/c i dont have alot of time but hers is one i definitely like to check and yes. she's a genius. A Pez collector with a Gerhard Richter book on her shelf (I once saw one of his paintings in the real and wept). She ceases to amaze. i think she was listening to obscure Irish folk songs a coupla months back. doesn't really end, does it? Those 'sick as hell' Gap wedges she just posted..ya i was cruising around looking for those. as in: WANT. (i cant seem to locate my KORK-EASE w/ all my constant moving & shuffling so these could suffice?) So ya. weird. She just did a huge post on Sassy's and 2 days ago i FINALLY got my hands on 'How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter To The Greatest Teen Magazine Of All Time'. COS u know it changed mine! Interesting parallels. Universe can unite sometimes. Okay..all the time. New New Age. I'm about ready to pass out. I thank Tavi for photographing the pages b/c that's what I really need to look at right now.

can i possibly be any more of a late bloomer? possibly?

Typo Of The Week: The Shelves


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The web site looks great!

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Susannah said...

I like the website too. It's creative. Imperfection is good.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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