Wednesday, May 26, 2010


One of my side projects is a BAND. This is ongoing. Ongoing with a seven year break here and there (17). BODY DOUBLE is in the studio. We're jamming in the studio. We are hemorrhaging cash (i love it when ppl say that. it's very's like: "he was on a steady diet of fillintheblank', 'he was on a steady diet of fugazi' & so forth.

speaking of fugazi (awesome) M.I.A.!!!
they have awsm in common! yah! (awsm. new vanity license plate).

i finally got around to watching her latest video. oh ya. that kicks *SS on 'telephone'. it makes 'telephone' look like a mcdonald's commercial/hallmark card/tarantino knock-off of a knock-off.


Oh, M.I.A. where have you and your ******** tongue been all my life? I just want to miniaturize myself so that I can sit on M.I.A.'s bottom lip and give her words of cuntery a quick hug before they come flying out of her mouth.

Last month, the ever-so-crazy M.I.A. flicked Lady Gaga's urethra when she said she "isn't progressive." And in a new interview with The New York Times, M.I.A. once again yanked at Gaga's tuck with this:

“With our video, we were really copying ‘Telephone'. Both our videos are road movies. We kill people, and they kill people. They start out in a prison, and we start out in a squat, hunting people down...... I can’t talk about Gaga anymore. All I’ll say is, it’s upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they’re calling her name.

You can’t really say that Gaga is culturally a change. Madonna was truly unique."

Here is BORN FREE. If you haven't watched it (like me. i've been busy with my book)..just to warn you: it's super heavy.

She is a total genius.

I totally would've gone to Grace Zabriskie's book launch for her new book called POEMS. She is also awsm.

things are great. Everyone is being really nice to me. thanks for popping by!



Anonymous said...

Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油! ....................................................

Mrs. Lovely said...

Hi Sonja! I just sent you an invitation to an art swap! I hope you like it!

♥, Camila

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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