Monday, August 23, 2010

She Speaks For The Freaks

Hi. Remember me? I've been On The Road (got to p. 3 of that book b4 tossing it aside) for the last three months & am settling back into my ultra boring routine of life here in the Yukon Territory. Hip hip hooray! I get to recuperate from a three month rollercoaster ride! Life's so awesome! Love it! The SELVES book tour was FUN. I hope to have some highlights up...soon. My life isn't really that boring's a uh..retreat. Things come to a screeching halt. I am forced to deal with major transition overnight. Summer to winter in twenty-four hours. I get alot of work accomplished here.

I have REAMS of writing from the rollercoaster. The Stacks. And piles from before. That means: new book. So I've been writing (in the way that i..write) and my inspirations are all above. Not Blair Warner per se (but LOVE her hair. bring that) and not susan dey (per se). They just came up when i was image hunting for SEXTON, PLATH AND DICKINSON. Hereon known as S.P.D. or D.P.S....maybe 'D' first because she influenced the others. All witches from Massachusetts. ('Witches Not Bitches').

As of late, I've been especially inspired by Plath's poetry from 1962 which is Marilyn Monroe's death year (1926-1962) and one year before Plath's own (age 30!!!). What if they were FRIENDS? i love poetry. I TRULY want people to appreciate poetry. Nowadays you have to kind of trick people into liking it by adding nice pictures to look at or music to tap your foot to. Today there are more choices to express One's Poetry. Example: you can be Eminem and rap that sh*t.

Emo-nem. I still cant decide if i totally hate him or WHAT? I made a decision recently that anyone who confuses me HAS TO GO..but i cant make my mind up w/ Emo-nem. I appreciate (!??) his honesty and candor and I relate to his need of expressing anger (crucify me now). I'm white. He's white...dude had 5 YEARS of writer's block & an addiction to sleeping pills & a million other problems that he shares with the universe (awesome) but he BEATS THAT. Recovery. When he's rapping he does NOT come up for air/spares no expense/word word word/rhyme/rhyme/rhyme/LUNGS...he'll do/say something vaguely interesting and then 2 minutes later he fks it up again. 'i dont need swine flu/to be a sick pig'). He surprises b/c I'd written him off long ago as a FratJock/Abuser but he defies categorization and gets brownie points for Prick Originality. (Will he ever get that look off his face? Doubtful). I like ONE song of his right now b/c i need a guilty pleasure while i'm taking a break from DICKINSON, PLATH AND's 'wont back down' which came up by accident when i was stealing some other music off the world wide web...he ripped off the freaking ALLMAN BROTHERS 'WHIPPING POST' which is one of my favourite songs discovered from a Freaks And Geeks episode years back when i was too far into my 70s rock phase)....and then he has PINK singing along to synths & percussion and clashing cymbals.

the big 'love the way you lie' has a seriously messed and disturbing video. i dont even know what to say/where to start. i had to turn it off. that's what i'm talking about: megan fox/charlie from LOST, rhianna, duffle bags/hitting the road/domestic abuse/loving someone so much you want to kill them? Wazzat?

You Need to spare us.

now did you truly think i'd go all maudlin and write about my favourite lady poets without screwing it up w/ some eminem?

thought not.

speaking of ripping off and stealing...Madonna stole an Anne Sexton poem and passed it off as her own. apparently. it's worth the jump to the link just to see haggardness. i guess that's where the word 'hag' comes from.

I love poetry.
(i do like contemporary poetry. it just has to be REALLY GOOD is all).

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tara-lynn said...

love this post!
anne sexton too, she is always forgotten, have you read the anne sexton bio, has amazing pics of her too.
ps. when i was a little kid i wrote to blair of facts of life a fan letter, & her grandmother wrote me back with a photo signed included of blair, actually i when i turned 12 & decided i wanted to grow up to be a bad ass i trashed it, out of embarrassment.

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