Friday, August 27, 2010


Robin is my favourite Muppet. He is Kermit's nephew - a kind and clever kid who sometimes feels unnoticed because of his small size. Robin likes to spend time with his uncle.

Robin debuted in the 1971 (a very important year) TV special The Frog Prince, as a prince-turned-to-frog. Although he made a few appearances on The Muppet Show's first season, his relationship to Kermit was not established until episode 212, in which Bernadette Peters encouraged him to believe in himself by singing "Just One Person."

(that video clip just blew my mind. Bernadette is my new style icon. check out THAT hair!)

Robin had a HIT SONG in the UK with his rendition of A. A. Milne's "Halfway Down the Stairs," which appeared on the first Muppet Show album in 1977. Robin also sang on several more episodes including episode 312 when he sang "Octopus' Garden" and episode 223 where he sang "Two Lost Souls" with Sweetums.

Gaga wore the Kermie jacket (slightly tacky/raver sh*t but then..that's all back)'s some META for you..Jim Henson* made the original Kermit puppet by hacking up one of his mother's coats* (and added a cut in half ping pong ball for eyes). Basically, Jim Henson invented everything on Etsy.
The Meta: jacket on coat on jacket.

See. Lady Gaga is the second coming replete with spiritual guides and ALL.

(see latest VF. so much good copy! who knows if it's even true but awesome Gaga quotes galore (the rest of the issue sucks. all ads!))

Thanks to Robin McConnell for the Inkstuds radio interview today. on CiTR out of Vancouver (Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics).

I was testing out my skype headphones and microphone during the live interview and i sound like i'm out in the bush on a walkie talkie. It was fun!

oh sh*t speaking of comes MARVIN! he keeps wanting to go outside and it's i'm going to let the persian champagne-coloured caterpillar out into the wilderness! Now he's mad at me.

*Henson fellow libra. same birthday as me that's september 24. mark it on your calender. i like presents.
*30-odd years later, i followed in his footsteps (as though possessed) hacking up an angora sweater and made a bunny etc etc


girlyhandwriting said...

GREAT POST. Thanks for reminding me about Robin. I love the invention of Kermit story.

I can't wait to listen to the interview when I get home.

lyndsay said...

OMG. Robin. totally forgot he even existed.

Bernadette... you can smell the rose scented soft powder puff that she most likely dabs her face with from here... a porcelain-skinned honey cherub with lipgloss kisses...!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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