Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Twiki Versus Gordon 'I dont create. I own' Gekko

i never watched that buck rogers (no thank you) but i sure love TWEEKIE!!!!

i was doing some extremely important TWIKI research a few months back and FINALLY i have time to share my finds! I'm changing the spelling of his name to TWEEKIE. (@ once point i was convinced it was 'Twinkie' which is also great).

I just watched that movie GREENBERG. it's funny. there are some CHOICE MOMENTS in it (trailer doesnt show that) jennifer jason lee and noah baumbach are world's greatest couple. husband wife movie making peoples. aspiration & inspiration. together at last. The especially CHOICE moments forced me to email my EX-boyfriend cos i'm like: 'we had that conversation about 30 times' the 1987 wall street/charlie sheen 'who am i?' well as acted it out, photographed it, re-enacted and discussed an installation piece around it in the mid-200000s..if only i had a TWEEKIE. Tweekie would help me get all my work done. TWEEKIE could be my personal assistant and i'd never feel guilty. Tweekie would've made my WALL STREET ART in 2004.

i cant find the 'who am i?' part but i'll leave you with this GREED IS GOOD speech. In case you are ever wondering why everything is falling into hell. In case you are wondering what it's like to be standing in a pair of rollerskates at the top of a frozen waterfall.

speaking of's freaking tweekie FREEZING Up Here. Geezus murphy. My friends all back east are sunburning and stuff & i'm gells. I'm wearing 4 layers of clothing (plus drinking soup and tea for breakfast and sleeping with heating pad and hot water bottle and parked in the sauna/steamroom @ the aquatic centre etc etc) YET still eating ice cream cones at home with cold hands (current obsession. will end STAT) b/c i Just Can't Seem To Let Go Of Summer. All i want is: Next Summer.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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