Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is hilarious

i'm trying to figure out what this is (see below)..i found it on 'boot tips ("Boots Talks for Women And Men). i'm afraid to add the link in case something bad happens. The spelling errors and bad grammar is incredible. This is probably the best "SELVES" review on record.
btw... that's the famous TOTAL HELL cake from the Montreal booklaunch at the amazingly wonderful Drawn And Quarterly bookstore. Peggy got it. I almost fell over when i saw it. There are some photographs floating around of me holding the cake. It was very heavy. I couldn't get over it. I never will. (thanks to Andrea Gin for throwing this image up on her flickr thingie).

Now here's the incredible literature:

Sonja Ahlers’ living novel takes over effeminacy and celebrity

Writers and artists Sonja Ahler said the title of the book publishing, self, came to her watching TV, 1976, west bill movie starring Sally field as a woman and multiple personality.
I always watch the end credits of movies, recalls Ahlers from her home in Whitehorse. And the personalities in the credits were billed as the Selves. And I was sitting with my then-boyfriend, and we both looked at each other and said, That should be the book title.
It is the right of the television and movie some may reject the book as useless Ahlers inspired. Use text and image of the self, gathered in a scrapbook diary – style, from the lowest and highest culture, to create a composite image formation in North America, the white women born in the 1970s and 1980s. For example, a quotation by dead poets Annie club* (” woman is her mother. This is the main thing “) is followed by a photo collages princess Diana and drew Barrymore children.
Each celebrity or icon of women in the book representing a different self, not only representing female experience, and more important is the potential of the public image of the interface and private.
The unique design of the book is like a slide in the conversation as anthropology a group of prehistoric ancestors left traces of only exists. But instead of cave drawings and bow, we get the pithy clips, for example, from gloria. ’s article about Marilyn Monroe or watercolour portrait and ASHLEY olsen consistent. It is the self that is written by the poetic fragment of modification and moving from Ahlers line drawing. She described as a “collective biography of self, or a population generation.”

POST-SCRIPT: i'm considering a dramatic reading of this brilliance. I may need to write a play around it.

*Anne Sexton

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kerri said...

This is gold. GOLD!!!!

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