Monday, February 2, 2009

50 Years Later

i'm coming back. i promise.


ok J? ok???

PS i kind of hate sock monkeys but not. my mom has this incredible collection of them..but the ANTIQUE Depression-era. they are so, so special. so i love the sock monekys too cos she loves them. i'm more a rabbit teddy bear dollie girl.


I love this picture of this lil dog. stoled from internet while browing for monkey pictures to do a drawing for my mom's birthday card. phew. glad that worked out. she liked the drawering.

i haven't had Drawing Patience for awhile now. you have to CLEAR the space for drawing and i have no surfaces right now. every surface is full. plus i am slow and so much time goes by between drawing sessions, i have to RE-TEACH myself how to draw every time i sit down. then there is all this anxiety around that like: I suck. I can't draw.

BUT then i remember. drawing as a kid was part of my survival. plus a way to Make Friends. i drew with both hands as a 3 year old.I drew at school. I discovered I could draw crowds from my live drawing. I drew Peanuts characters by rote and the kids made a hushed circle around me while i drew and drew. a boy with beautiful white yellow dutch hair said, 'charles schulz would be jealous'.

Back to the drawing board.

i have to go sew some bunnies now.


i'll put up the ridiculous mexico trip pictures shortly!

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janice said...

ah. -sigh- thank you.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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