Saturday, April 4, 2009

Real Fiction Nails and Geode

Just some of the amazing things at the One Of A Kind show (hereon known as OOAK)

the lil spidey boy started bawling when his mom wouldn't buy him an egg. (i have some lower priced peanut bunnies in lil eggs inside of an egg carton. Genius Ian's idea). The lil boy loves eggs. I'm a real sucker for Shopping Children. I generally give them a 75% to Free Discount (depending on their allowance). I gave the lil boy an egg and he stopped crying and was suddenly joyous..then i realized i had to give the other two children eggs. But that's all fine. I forget these politiks. Then I remember.

I'm as sick as a dog. My food intake is basically: water, salt water (gargling) , a sniff of eucalyptus oil, ginger tea, nori, lysine, WELLNESS FORMULA (most kickass immunity booster on the market. 6 at a time every three hours = food), chewable zinc tablets, slippery elm (eaten like candy). But then of course I'll have My Coffee and then i got slightly bored by 9pm last night i was eating one of my chocolate rabbits (for display purposes only). My voice is back but it comes and goes. Pretty much on the verge of collapse by the end of the day. Only two days left. NADIYA is down at the show right now 'Peeping Out'. I better get my butt down there ASAP.

Oh and THE RING..that's a huge effen geode. the lady is great. she has amazing makeup. I shoulda got a shot of her makeup..but her nails and that custom made ring..blew my mind. She came by the 'booth'/bunny lemonade stand and when she left Kerri Reid and i almost chased her down to get the lost photo. i suggested a watercolour painting of this here image. fortunately the stars aligned and she came back and i got my shot.

Speaking of LOSS. LOST is losing me. It's really boring this season. the writers are clearly scrambling trying to pull it together. they've introduced too many characters. Meh. I'm losing interest. Like Hermant says: TV sucks this season.

Even Friday Night Lights is losing me. The first two seasons are stellar (except for the ending of season two cos of the writer's strike).

blah blah bla. so i settle for mediocrity MEDIUM with patricia arquette cos i adore her and i bet she is truly psychic (psy-chick). BUT! The show actually gets better as it goes along! This is almost unheard of in TV Land*. angelica huston even joins the fold! maybe she was bored. It's just something on in the background while i solve the problems of the universe. mine at least.

*the incredible irony is that i refuse to sit in front of a TV. I just wont sit thru those ads.


Lucas said...

Waiting for my new job to start I watched all 5 seasons of "The Wire" last month. Sooo awesome. I've waited for the new episodes of "Lost" to add up and just downloaded 10 of them today. The only other new show I've been following is Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse". Oh and "Project Runway Canada", of course. Was hanging out with Steven Shearer's assistant today; I dumped a lot of complaints about the art world on him poor guy.

Candice Tarnowski said...

i mean, like, W O W , that ring! w/ the bubblegum nails

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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