Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Every Dream Home A Heartache

john taylor was influenced by early roxy music. i was influenced by john taylor.
one my top ten favourite album covers. which reminds me! i'm going to design my friend Lynette's band's logo. i forgot. it was a plan made 48 hours ago during the OOAK frenzy. Lynette is in the band with her sister carla. the band is called SISTER.
i'm gonna make some chief inspector jane tennyson art now, thanks. i'm too bagged to look for the correct spelling of tennison.

i'm really into early roxy music right now. the early years *
oh wow. Mother Of Pearl. In Every Dream Home A Heartache. i love it.

This past new years Dan the Man threw on roxy's Avalon cos it's baby Gloria's favourite album (was @ the time. prior was Beach Boys Pet Sounds in the car). as soon as THE MAIN THING came on - i was in my dream home.
i have a good memory of listening to my mom's copy of Avalon as a late teenager. i had spent the day on Salt Spring Island and came home to an empty house. it is a good memory.

it's tricky to download THE MAIN THING so i had to play it on youtube repeat. a video shot of the album cover propped up behind the record player playing...the album. It's the extended version. that's the youtube video. suits me fine.

i'm excited to have something *new* to listen to. early roxy feels sophisticated.

i'm alive/have survived the OOAK show. so i guess now i'm free.
now that i'm free i get to do some art i wanna uh...roxymusic album cover collages on a blog.

*thanks Prent!

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lyndsay said...

wheee! i love that roxy music cover too. soooo racy... you got the racy cover...i have that one too! xo

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