Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lil Whine

only in tokyo. Nerds aka Nadiya found this.
a beautiful moment with mama cass and michelle phillips. poignant. look at all that food! Fun! i love flying. i love watching movies on planes. i like eating food on planes even though their food is usually bad. i try to bring my own.
a very, very old sasha doll. i just learned they started off cloth. i'm thinking about making some dolls. like really thinking. now that i have some real estate in my mind. rag dolls. any dolls.just something else. even clothes.
a newer sasha doll. i really love sasha dolls. i found all these freaky fan sites and it kinda turned me off them b/c the Freaky Fans styled them up and the looked like lil hookers with sick big hair. ugh. I love the innocence of the early ones with their beautiful peaceful honest expressions and simple (yet stylish) clothing. the above one is more of an 80s version. the 70s ones are The Sheet. Obvs. Their creator Sasha Morgentaler was from Switzerland. It was my understanding that after her death in 1975, the molds were to be destroyed yet they kept making them. I have one.

the only cacharel dress i could swipe off the liberty.uk. site. this one is a bit matronly. the pockets don't do the line justice even though i believe that every article of clothing should have a pocket(s). i love liberty prints. they have a lilac one i especially like. i love cacharel. it's totally my steez. since childhood and teenagedom. i used to make alot of money as a teenager with innumerable babysitting jobs, paper routes (mortifying) and other 'canteen' tending jobs. i used all of my money to buy...clothing. i liked 80s Esprit, polo, laura ashley, la cache etc. it was a good blend of new romantic sporty preppie/hippie. i remember paying $25 in 1986 for a pair of Christian Dior pale yellow/pink/green argyle socks. it was kinda like that. To add fuel to fire, my mom and i trolled the thrift stores and scored 24/7. We cleaned up. We had a laundry room piled, i swear, to the ceiling of clothing. i would go in there every evening and choose an outfit for the next day. I would carefully iron and lay it out for the next day. the high school halls were my runway. though i never ever strutted like a peacock. always ever humble hiding. the clothes were comforting.
america's next top model. nadiya says her eyes open from below rather than above. this reminds me of suspiria. or another late 70s dario argento. that dress and THAT PHONE.
i'd love a painting of this.

grant sent me a new 'wayne'. "Hot Revolver". Gee, what could that mean? it's ok. he definitely has His Sound. there is enuff His Sound in The World. Oh. Now that it's playing itself out real time it is turning kinda of 80s chorus. do we have the time/to listen to him/whine?
Lil Whine.
now that i have Some Time - what do i do with it? the thought of freedom and making some Real Art is shocking. the possibilities. like sea of tea said - i now have real estate in my mind. it's feeling a bit barren. my friend drew had an email: Baronmind@hotmail.com
in every dream home/a heartache. the time now: 12:34

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girlyhandwriting said...

I am readin' your blog.

That package with those deer is amazing.

I watch 'America's Next Top Model.' I decided I liked the girl with the big eyes when she said that another one of the girls was "getting a little too chicken soup for the teenage soul." She has a big following, apparently her nickname is "creepy chan."

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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