Thursday, April 9, 2009

elisa rose

look @ this packaging! half an egg carton and robin's egg tissue and chocolate eggs in blue metallic foil. and the stamps! each deer is hand carved..i believe from germany. they sell them at the 'waldorf' store in nelson. i really like waldorf dolls. i might end up switching to 'waldorf'.
Grazing mama. i love those five dollar stamps!
baby. ignore my metallic nail sampling. These little carvings are extremely delicate as in: if i breathe on it, the lil leg is gonna shard. the faces are pencilled in. it always breaks my heart to see these creations. I'd say the carver pencilled in his soul.
'i'm bummed. i'm tired of being carved by hand for peanuts'
Gross. i'm getting a haircut today for the first in SEVEN MONTHS. the last time it was BUTCHERED (in vancouver, of course where everything i do there goes to 'weird'). It set me into further Trauma Tailspin as if BEING THERE was enough at the time. i went to the lady i like who threads eyebrows. she's from iran and there's often alot of drama in her salon. her grandkids running around and screaming fights with her daughter. this woman is so gorgeous. i always tried to talk to her to offer up solutions to make her life better. she just works. Me: 'maybe you can go to the pool more often'. i'd been seeing her for 6 years. She was magic with my Friday Kahlo brows. (thanks, Mom's Side) i asked her to trim one funny piece of hair that was going sideways and 3 minutes later she had taken all her aggression out on my head which at the time was an Aslan's Lion Mane). i ended up with a horrifying 'a bob on a shag'. sydney said it was 'edgy' which was comforting for about 10 seconds. i just stuck a hat on for six months. of course this haircut happened a few hours before i was to meet up with my ex-boyfriend who i hadn't seen in almost a year. I cried it all off.
These are Insane. What do you call these? Po-Po-Po-Post Mo(dern)? Cork on kork on Cork? that's a faux cork box with KORK-EASE. Ben set me off on a 'kork-ease' hunt about a year ago. I bought these as Choice B in utter desperation. They were the last pair in my size on zappos. I thought they were 'funny' @ the time. Unfortunately they cheaped out and used VINYL under the cork straps. I don't think so. I've been on the phone and email with "Priscilla" somewhere in Georgia for almost two months trying to track down the pair i actually want - which are in Miami. "Buff" leather on the cork. Naturally the colour/size i want is sold out everywhere. At least i know the size is right. They fit me like a glove. Like if i wore a glove on my foot. I think these puppies are going back to zappos. I only lost about $75 with import fees and postage. That's a joke. It's a joke. These were purchased online with 'bunnymaking resentment/house arrest'. Maybe I should have just cut my own hair with that aggression. Not. Oh yah. There's my favourite Uriah Heap image again in the background. i think i might just make it into a stupid t-shirt and be done with it. it's just the dumbest image ever. like: paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i've been obsessed with it for a few years now and have made quite alot of art out of it. i've used it in not one but TWO public installations. I only noticed yesterday that the idiot fool man on the shoulders is wearing a pair of, perhaps, early ZOOBAZ (sp?) pants...those Big Lebowski pants. ya know?
Not only are these Insane they are Effen Insane. Let's get a closer look at these puppies. What do you think? Yay or nay? I think the straps are going to be destroyed/frayed in a matter of moments. poor craftmanship, people!

As for the above above photos - i get incredible packages in the mail. it's one of my main reasons for living. not to get overly dramatic about it all. This one is from Elisa Rose. It made my whole week worth it. She's a great writer. We exchange good emails. We also have a musical outfit: BODY DOUBLE.

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