Friday, April 3, 2009

New Phenomenom: Blog Guilt

Everything looks better in a Coe and Waito cup.
A tiny Coe And Waito egg cup. The peepers are meant to sit in eggcups or glasses. Eggcups are getting hard to find! My mum was running around all over Victoria hunting down cups for me. She sent me out a box. Yay mom! I haven't had time for thrift stores.

"Blogguilt" became a *thing* in only recent past...for many. It's like my favourite image of a small cluster of people hunched around a laptop watching...i dunno...something great on Youtube. I don't know where my favourite Torontonian (there are many faves) Ian Phillips finds this business but..he's very good at finding it. Miranda is something else! All in earnest. Ernest. Emilio Earnest-ivo.

I've been working for weeeeeeeks towards this krazykraftfair/tradeshows/arts'n'crafts/corporate. i don't know EVENT (One Of A Kind) to sell my bunnies at. I like to make things hard - nobody knows why. I am a perfectionist and work-a-holic so i have done NOTHING BUT work towards this show. I have lots of funny photos documenting the leadings up which will hopefully be up here soon. As in: my apartment a TOTAL MESS. I set up my lemonade stand in the livingroom about 3 weeks ago so i could work with the form/set up that way.

I am on day 3 of the event (brutally long 10 hour days in an airless massive convention/arena/something space with atmospheric lighting) and my lovely assistant/manager/Boss Lady NADIYA is down there right now tending to the masses while i get ready to face the music and drag myself down there. I developed LARYNGITUS on the first day of the event. As soon as the gates opened a small crowd of ladies slammed me. Naturally I was still setting up and hadn't settled on prices so everything I said had a question mark at the end of it. A new collector emerged from the mix SHARON who bought up several largesize Fierce Bunnies from the get go. It was her birthday too..on april fool's day. She got the primo bunnies who are now sporting full outfits. Mostly angora sweaters with antique buttons and calico or cotton eyelet skirts.

I also simplified a pattern to make a new bunny! They sit in a little vessel and just kinda..peep at you. I'm happy with them. They all still make me crack up after all these years. I look at them and think: WHO ARE YOU?

Nadiya has been setting up really great scenes with them doing very funny things. We just entertain ourselves. I tend to waste time and get distracted by rambling on (with no voice) to whoever. I gotta be careful.

Nadiya is an actor and just finished a stint (that's paying gig job job) on a new show called THE BEST YEARS which she says is geared for tweens and has been slotted after 90210 on Global. Awesome. I can't wait to see it. I hope it's gonna be more DEGRASSI. Her character's name is Poppy like the newest Mike Leigh lady. I love M.L.

More soon. Pwomess.

So I have been 'talking' like a frog for the last two days or not...

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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