Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm starting to upload some prints to Etsy. Lil Black Beauty is up now and available HERE. The print is an 8X10 for $20. So please imagine the above image with more gray on either side. I love black and gray together right now. Charcoal. The primo black angora lady herself is $150. She will be also be on display shortly at the One Of A Kind show here in Toronto where I am currently  being spoiled by  my wonderful friends here.  (i have to multi-task/hang at the same time). I'm making up for lost time since I have spent the last 2.5 (more?) months in a hermetically-sealed (dexter) room making bunnies for 12-16 hrs a day. Bracket, bracket, bracket. But I got out a bit for nature walks/daily exercise. You know...like what they let you do in jail. It was very fun.

I spent all day yesterday setting up..actually most of that time was stuck in a large U-Haul picking up stuff all over the city w/ Conan the Barbarian in the passenger's seat yelling at me (about the evils of grains, vegetable oils, ugly black 90s leather jackets as friend deal breakers, etc etc etc).  It was so fun! I mean it..like hanging out with my brother. My favourite part of the day was watching JJ draping the most delicate cheesecloth/gauze in the booth..standing all over Grant's chair..i was on the floor pretty much babbling at that point..incoherent from exhaustion. BUT!!! Thanks to JJs/Conan's handmade shelves and all the other magic, the booth looks fantastic. Selena Wong helped me for the rest of the day and did her special magic. My seasonal manager PAM came in and bossed me around and made me a 'to do' list (on top of my 'to do' list), whipped everything into shape and then went onto her other job as Karen Cain's assistant at the National Ballet. These people rule.

Hopefully i'll get some booth pictures up soon. tomorrow is the first of many more very long days.


Marcela said...


Anton said...

She is amazing and beautiful!
Is she ready to make a huge trip to Russia in a first-class airmail?)

How can i contact you?
I can pay via paypal or from etsy, if you list her there...
Really want her...

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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