Tuesday, November 16, 2010



that's called a 'Lamb Car'
 this is a favourite one.

 half-done midsized bunnies
 i make other art while i'm doing this. i write things down while i work. this is a photograph of an image ripped out of..something. Re-photographing. down below is some of the writing i speak of. thoughts. this is how my bookwork comes together over time. i edit a few times during the year and see what happens. it's seasonal work.
 here are some good things...'stevie' art from the very great Chelsea magazine and the most recent Lightning Dust album that amber sweetly sent me plus some of her mixes. (jeremy designed the stellar cover)
 oh my goodness. Old School Crew. They were inspiring me. The very first bunny i ever made, the second, the 607th and the 2,001 bun. I've lost track. can u believe how they've changed?

 'we can sit here for a bit even though you're in my space'

nice mess
 baby chick yellow bunnies waiting for ears.
 here are bunnies that are yelling at me: WE NEED CLOTHES. i drape them for a week or so...wait to see what they *need*.
here are bunnymaking images over the past 2 months. processing. always
oh and some more inspiration that has nothing to do with bunnies but it does but it doesnt.
The Rose!


dianne said...

These are just adorable, and I love seeing your process, I always find seeing other artists processes/works in process very inspirational. Look at them all sitting in teacups. AW! Great stuff. xx

girlyhandwriting said...

Wow. You are a lil factory.

Are you off yr e.mail strike yet? I need yr magic.

These look brilliant. xo

skinnycat78 said...

I just died... they are all so adorable.. when will they be done? and are you posting them on etsy?

kelsea said...

this whole bunny project is so precious! they remind me of some creatures from the orisinal games.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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