Thursday, November 11, 2010

'roll with'

chester went to live in los angeles (w/ Entourage). lucky duck! he was a custom order and what you dont see, is what you dont see...cos..see..underneath his hyper-furred out SWEATER*, were some tiny gray woolly ballz. i'll leave it at that. so basically, he's ballin' LA.

i'm listening MISS POTTER (in the background). ewan mc just said to beatrix/zellwegggeredd 'cry face':

'You and rabbits!! Extraordinary!'

i'm like the metal version of miss potter. that was a JOKE. i grew up on SCTV.

* so i take a sweater made from angora (bunny) and then i make a bunny and THEN i make a sweater for the bunny from the sweater made of bunny. That's like MATRIX META.

(all i want to do right now is talk about THE WRESTLER but i need to get back to work).

PS thank you to Kerri Reid for sending me THIS GOLD. As far as i'm concerned this is (my)  high art. My favourite band (heart) performing  @ 'dancing with the stars' and those dancers dancing to barracuda. 'i had to turn my heart away'.

which reminds me: i dreamt last night i survived a plane crash. it was an old 70s conchord flight occupied by fashionistas. they all died. there were 4 survivors: me, meesoo lee, random and a publisher from england that i was in communicado with.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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