Sunday, November 14, 2010

invasion of the body snatchers.

dear friend

here are some more recent bunnies to look at. when i put the grey fur 'hat' on the big bunny, i started laughing. hard. that will happen. it  looks like a wig but then it's a hat. what do you think? Ben thought 'Anna Karenina' which i thought apt b/c there is other Russian influence in some of the other 'looks' (plus that's my lineage. at some point). I added a dusty lavender cape with very antique pearl button detail and leopard print maxi skirt to 'explorer guy/elvis wig' suddenly 'he' became a 'she'. this has been a bit of an issue in this final stretch of CLOAKING the bunnies. at times leaving me beside myself. with confusion. (i was  forced to make a pair of knickers for a bunny who refused to become a girl). So much of my work is putting together a puzzle...i do all this work somewhat blindly and (somehow trusting the process) but no matter what, the final stretch is always piecing together the puzzle..making sense of the work..and self-editing which is almost impossible but i force myself to do it. 

the "peepers" look like pods right now. like invasion of the body snatchers or SPLICE (i just watched that movie! it's so good. totally entertaining).

the bunnies have been insisting on legwarmers. (leopard print black w/ slate grey)
photos of which are floating around somewhere.

i am  exhausted.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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