Monday, November 15, 2010

mother of murphy~!

have you seen the new Vanity Fair? they plastered a marilyn monroe quote from a poem that i used in the selves..and had reservations about using her words b/c they are BEYOND vulnerable...i cant believe it! plastered across VF! it's from a poem she wrote and i've carted it around for over a decade thinking/knowing 'i have to use this somewhere'. poem fragment: help/help/help/i feel life coming closer/when all i want to do is die'.
i held onto it b/c it's shocking, sad, pathetic and why would the world's most beloved lady FEEL that way? it's like something from a 14 year old's diary.
anyways! awesome. it always feels good to feel a part of the collective consciousness and obviously this needs to get looked at.
i cant wait to read her diaries. wherever she is, i hope she is okay with all of this. maybe it's about time. it certainly is in my books.
i have to go catch a plane now! and finish packing and go pick up a poster at STAPLES (for the 5th time)
ciao bellas.
PS here is another bunny to look at. I've been making them little bill cosby-inspired sweaters. they will get jazzier with time.


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anabela / fieldguided said...

Heyyyy is this bunny doing calisthenics?

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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