Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"A California Wigger/In A Haze Of Potsmoke"

The title of this (b)log referencing K-FED from the piece Smolkin (Lisa) and I just did ...Brit Brit


As far as I'm concerned SCOUT NIBLETT is the coolest little lady going in contemporary rock realm. This live performance features a perfectly epic song. I don't know who the did 'psychrockvisuals' w/ a Flake chocolate bar floating around..but that's okay. B. 1973 (another great year) in Nottingham, England..currently residing in Portland, Oregon..she works w/ steve albini often enough. I love her pared down minimalism...usually her vocals with just guitar or just drums..this has both.

She has a bit of shary boyle vibe in this.

Scout often performs in a blonde wig.

There's nothing else to report except wendy's $250 jeans i ressurected from the DUMP at the Mt. Lorne bakesale turned out sweet. Somewhat banger on me, i'd say.
The great thing about the smaller Yukon communities is that they have great DUMPS..the one in Dawson City especially. They are all hyper-organized with bins for all recycling you can imagine and always a Free Store.
There is talk of doing some sketch comedy. Wendy's beau ANDRE is meant to be writing his sketch on Dump Boy. I have to work on my sketch comedy.

The Hunter boots arrived a month late - wrong colour (garbage can green) and too big. They're going back. I'm thoroughly choked. I needed those boots two months ago...i've been walking ankle deep in mud for weeks now. Good thing i picked up a pair of gumboots in Alaska. The mud here is excellent! It's the best mud i've ever seen - basically clay.

I finally saw one of the beavers today on The Loop walk around the now unfrozen lake. I've been waiting to see them for months. God dam.

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Wendy said...

do you want my collection of thongs that i bought the same summer that i got those jeans? this girl i was hanging out with in calgary 2004 was horrified when she saw my old lady gitch, so she saved my ass and hauled me to the mall to replace those undies with "sexy" new ones (read: sexy means panties with no bum). i never could get into them... i felt like i needed to get a boob job or something to pull them off. anyways, i have been saving them for some kind of art project, but, uh, they are all yours if you want 'em...!


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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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