Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zero Comments

)this image is from a shack in was freezing and windy and that lace curtain was blowing up like a ghost. i feel all the dawson ghosts when i go there. i made a video of this - it's better than the static shot b/c you can hear the wind and see this lace GHOST. i uh...also entered it in a Yukon Heritage photo contest and it won THE BRONZE in the professional category. So hilarious. I haven't won things since i was a kid...and even then it was like a balloon toss between me and my brother at my DRY GRAD (we both won gift certificates to AB Sound so i bought a bunch of cassette tapes..stuff like that...well, i won art contests, too anyways......i guess getting grants qualifies as 'winning''s a lottery, afterall. Being an artist is like playing the lottery. Everyday of your life. Even when you don't believe in it).

i just made a small installation in my small room for a friend who is going through a hard time. it's the white rabbit fur pelt, a big rock i dragged home - gold tinged - some tiny shells and coral from an Asian beach from said friend, a pair of Norwegian sandals* that i know will bring good times (they have to), a furry crocus i found on my walk today..i held it in my cupped hand for as long as i could. i felt like i was holding a fragile caterpillar. I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. It is in the shrine now. I always feel bad picking flowers - especially when there are so few around the Yukon right now.

the weekly here is called: What's Up Yukon? For real. So it's joke after joke: WAZZUPP-YOUKON??
The Yukon News is better. It's more classic in design: black and white with occasional flashes of red coverlines. Two covers have made to my book wall: an eerie photo of a dark wolf crossing the highway staring directly at the camera and a bearded man during the coldest spell all winter. He is all furry frost. It's a beautiful image.

Good Things About Here:
  • the city picks up the compost. One week is compost. One week is garbage. There's a big sign up on the main drag to remind everyone (i just noticed it. whoops). Most people are diligent about recycling. the local cafe (w/ a name so dumb i won't type it out) offers compostible 'To Go' cups. There is even compost at the Canada Games Centre's pool change rooms - for paper towels!
  • the ravens are everywhere. They communicate with 20-30 different sounds. I always stop to listen to them talking. It's like listening to water trickling or bubbling. They are the size of small dogs.
  • The parking meters take nickels and dimes.
(but not for much longer)

  • i can't get over the skies. i can't get over the light. i can't stop talking about it. it's getting dark at eleven. i should just sleep on the front lawn. i should throw my bed down there. i want to stare at its beautiful deep blue midnite gown navy streaked light luminescence all night long. I don't even bother with the blinds anymore. I sit and gaze out the window.

hmm..that's all i can think of for now...i'll add to my list. oh yeah. there are a few yoga teachers i really like. i've learned new things from them. i like going to different teachers and picking up their strong points. that goes for everything.

there are some really neat people who live here. i am grateful for my new friends.
my grandfather has apparently completely pulled through his heart surgery. jean - his 2nd wife called and left an excited Scottish message: YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT!
honest to grandpa..he's a miracle. I've been listening to him for the last 20 years telling me from his lazy-boy chair with lifted wine glass:

"I'm ready for the ashcan".

(about a 100 times)

He's had so many freak accidents...he is a miracle.

I just watched TOOTSIE. That movie seriously rules. it's a real women's libber kinda movie.
ciao for now,

PS *they're insane, the sandals: like hippie -working -in -health -food -store-slash-dominatrix i hate that word ugh..typing it out even..There are certain words or names that i don't even want to expend the energy typing out. funny how that works. so it's like this: DON'T.


girlyhandwriting said...

I bee catching up on your blog entries. I am lovin every minute of it. B Spears, Madonna, the lights of the Yukon...


I am drinking mint tea and watching 'The Wonder Years.' I need to update my blog, but I feel like DUH.

Anonymous said...



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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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