Friday, May 9, 2008

'let me steal this moment from you now'

I am very in love with this image right now. I found it in a back issue of C magazine. The credit reads: Image Bank, Color Research At Babyland, 1973-74.
70s collaborations...General Idea time.

I really love that photograph. It's like yin yang for me.

The best thing about C Magazine is Emily Vey Duke's writing. I am a huge fan of her work. Duke and Battersby. She is all balls...a fearless writer. I wish there were more of her in the art world. I am especially in love with their new sculpture work. A massive throne made from maple with mink pockets and taxidermy. Since being up here in FUR CENTRAL Yukon, i've had to do a bit of turn around with the fur. It's everywhere and unavoidable. Every third person you meet is a trapper. I myself will never go near a trapline. I can't handle that. Ever. I stopped eating meat up here..but i am guilty of purchasing some fur: a white rabbit pelt at the Trading Post in Dawson and a pair of tiny bunny-sized mink mittens from the Indian Craft Store. I also rescued a lynx kitten's paw from a pile of scraps heading for donation. I hold all of these precious pieces in awe and carefully, gingerly handle them saying a silent prayer each and every time.

I just watched that new madonna/justin timberlake song about having only 'four seconds to save the world'. it's hard to take your eyes off that a 'wtf?' kinda way. she really tries. she tries really hard. maybe it should change to: she hardly tries. she doesn't even NEED to try anymore..but she does.
that lady gives 'er.
just givin' 'er.

she looks beautiful since undergoing more knife...her hair is pale blonde and she's wearing flesh-coloured/nude/ballet pink tight tops (pls don't make me type out 'bustier') and messed patent-leather thigh high, over-the-knee 'pretty woman' boots/kinda road warrior/hooker/chanel.

it's one of those songs you might forget about in 10 minutes.
they had the cd for sale at Stupid Store for $14.99. I mulled it over it for about..four seconds.

i watched that movie 3:10 to Yuma. it's a cowboy movie. i really needed some respite (from my brain). i was relieved to be engrossed in an elmore leonard (!?) adaptation. christian bale is dreamy. i'm in love. i'll take one of those. he is a peg-legged determined poor rancher family man who has lost almost everything. he is SO HONORABLE. his character made me forget all about 'american psycho' which is a very dumb movie. THIS is a great cowboy movie. it's all gunfire and suspense. the cast is great. superb acting (russell crowe, peter fonda, gretchen mol..the young son..blah blah blah) i was crying intermittently all throughout. I had just got off the phone with my grandpa who used to be a cowboy but mostly an intellectual logger. he's going in for major heart surgery tomorrow. he is getting a pig's valve put in and a by-pass. it's all feeling a bit kamikaze to me. i started crying on the phone with him after 3 minutes of our conversation. he only has to say three sentences to me and it's all unintentional knives to my heart. he hears my voice and he hears his estranged son's voice - my father. so he repeats the same story of how my father bankrupted him. it's really too much to bear.
the cycle of generational abuse ends after seven years.
so this is it.

I was up till 4am last night b/c i couldn't sleep. i was youtubing scout niblett. I learned that there are only 4 hours of Dark O'Clock here in the Yukon. It gets dark nearing 11pm and the birds are chirping around 3am. That's what i learned. This is the complete opposite schedule of the winter I just experienced. Four hours of daylight.

I'm stuck with my book so i had to develop another system of organization. this involves smaller clotheslines stretched across the window right in front of my desk. It's working really well. My page about "Hairway To Steven" is going great. He is 'up to no good/in a doomed room/born with horns/gone for good".

Come to think of it - it's a song.

Big shout out to WENDY for making me/taking the time to procure a MIXED TAPE and LENDING ME a little tape player so i can listen to the tape! The tape deck in the Neon we drive around is screwed. It plays Platinum Blonde for 3 minutes then flips to the other side..same for the ZAPPACOSTA tape, same for Bonnie Tyler FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF NIGHT. Darce got all these busted tapes in - where else? Darson City.



sydney said...

favourite bush line

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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