Sunday, May 18, 2008

27 Is My Favourite Number

i just watched a bad movie and i can't even use the excuse that i was stuck on a plane.
it was so bad my mouth was often agape while half-watching it while patching a pair of jeans* and hand in mid-air-sewing motion (27 Dresses). The weirder part is that i watched THE WEDDING PLANNER not that long ago (i take movies out of the library and we get and go to the video store. Watching/reviewing movies is my 'main gig' while i do mundane tasks) anyways...Wedding P stars J. Lo and gross matthew mcaughneeyehee (he was good in Dazed and Confused. He should have packed it in after that)...the two movies are the same!!! only 6 years difference: all women want to get married and dream about getting married their entire lives and all they want to do is GET MARRIED. These are the messages. It's a bad message. I love dumb movies. I like cute movies. I still love Beaches. This movie is embarrassing.

Katherine Heigl (star of 27 Dresses) was quoted on the COVER of the January 2008 Vanity Fair:

"Knocked Up was a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight".

And then she does the cringe movie?
I'm sure that quote did PR wonders. Don't think KH will be doing another Apatow.

I was holding out a bit of hope for this lady.
While I'm on the topic - I want those Apatow people to STOP making movies. Just stop. Freaks and Geeks is great. No question. Everything after that - it's been a slippery slope and someone put rollerskates on those people....Super Bad is a HORRIBLE movie. HORRIBLE. I can't believe I sat thru it...eating tortiere on xmas eve watching that shit. Seth Rogen sucks now. He was my favourite character on Freaks and Geeks but that's done. This slobby guy star dude stuff matched aligned with beautiful, smart lady is TIRED. Please make it be over.

on a better day - the idea of marriage is deeply appealing...if it can WORK.
this from the person who still reads Sweet Dreams books. I read an excerpt of PS I Love You (1981) at Maggie's funeral and i completely lost my shit. It was an excerpt about a teenage boy and girl out on a hike in the mountains of Palm Springs..way, way up. They find a dead bird on the trail and decide to bury it. She wraps the bird in her yellow silk scarf they dig the hole together and have a small ceremony. Later in the book the boy dies of cancer. It's very tragic.

Shifting gears here - i slipped up and ate a whole bunch of sugar on friday night. This messed up toffee/chocolate cake/vanilla bean dessert at Hurl's. I went insane afterwards - forcing everyone in the booth to make their ugliest face and taking pictures and laughing so hard i lost my voice. I had to drink 6 glasses of water and then go home and leave again to WALK IT OFF and was still dehydrated. I couldn't sleep till 4:30am. That's me partying these days. So no sugar. Ben told me there are 18 sugarcubes in a can of Coke. I never drink pop. It gives me instantaneous hiccups.

(i passed the camera to chera to take a pic of me and candice and i was saying 'take the picture' and posing with a dumb face holding it forever and ben is saying, 'sonja stop making that face. you're disturbing me...' then i find out it's all video. So we're making videos. The next video is me whipping out the Canada Council grant recipient list I just happened to have in my bag...candice got the grant (yay!) i didn't (boo whatever.i'm so over it)..but i don't understand why Ian Wallace was on the list....why would i be applying for a grant that Ian wallace is applying for? The recipients are mostly established, somewhat legendary art stars...all these And so FEW!!! There were only NINE people who got this 'career development' grant. I gots to know how many people applied. So Candice and i applied for the exact same grant for the exact same project BEFORE we met! howzabout that? neat huh?..anyways..the video is hilarious of us going over the list - of which i am still perplexed by.

GRANTZ! i throw my arms up in exasperation.

Third gear: I love it on LOST when Jack cries. That's my favourite part. He cries every third episode and it's a beautiful thing.

why am i writing this ?

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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