Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sure Thing

Today's Mood (of this moment): slightly sleep depped, had to work all day at the arts centre doing a bunch of random tasks and the pressure's on and i was up late watching SATC and trying to write a travel grant and do some bookwork and admin and correspondence and ....)so these activities make me feel a bit frazzled...i deal with the repercussions.

I am so tired of crying.
(oh woah. i didn't make the connection with the kleenex..i took this 'aloft' photo in where else? you like it? is it too late 90s? too early 2000s? what will we call that time in a decade?)

friends - i know you've heard me say this before a million times..but i'm saying it differently this time. I'm not complaining. I'm being PRACTICAL. It might even be a public service announcement..or a 'wanted' ad.

i need help. i need people to help me. i might need to hire people. i can't do all of this by myself. i have leads, of course...and i can FEEEEL the support..but bottom line: i need help.

the bunnies, books, visual art, design work, Randomz to the power of a's ridiculous. i have an etsy store:

and i feel like i've abandoned it b/c i can't keep up with it - i've sold out of almost everything...i'm not very good businessperson..a good B.P. would STAY ON IT..this is my new motto and it's sitting on my desk right now..but right now i need to STAY ON IT with my BOOK.
i've told a few friends already: i made major headway with my book on sunday. I was so happy i almost started crying in STAPLES. The song playing:

you've got to pay your dues
if you wanna sing the blues
and you know
it don't come easy

No. It don't come easy.
Some people have golden horseshoes shoved up their ass and you know it don't come easy.
Oh well..time for more Sex And The City Season Sex! yay!
i hated that show when it was actually on TV and after leaving behind my crappy 90s coat - i looked at in a different light: pure popping colour candy fairy tale.

PS maybe i need to cut more stuff out. continue to cut away the deadwood. but i think women are naturally multi-taskers. it's just the feminine way..i just don't like to ABANDON THINGS. I just threw away my 'fickle' ginch. Those are GONZO now.

PPS i also stayed up late writing a blog entry that i decided to not post..i do that quite often actually..90% complete and then i...change my mind.


janice said...

its gonna be ok

girlyhandwriting said...

I'd help you if I was close! You could be my mentor! I just ate scallion pancakes in my bed. Now I am drinking grapefruit soda, watching George Michael videos in a gray sweatsuit.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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