Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whitemare With No Name

i love the kids in the hall.

i'm working on my book and youtubing KITH @ the same time. It's going kind of slow. It's the boring kind of 'working on the book': scanning, sorting, integrating my very complex 'bookmaking' system of which I am the only person on the planet to use. Because I made it up. Just like a snowflake - none two are the same. So no other snowflake would make a book the way the other snowflake would make a book. Back to The Kids:

I've watched about 20 sketches.
This is a good one:


actually, it's hilarious. I think the twins from Degrassi are the party girls (holding up the gazebo trying to get it over the fence...)

WOAH WOAH wait! I just found my favourite one about 'relationships' w/ mark mckinney. he's my favourite...or scott or bruce...they all are..they work as a team.

Relationships (reminds me of a few people i know - and they're not female)

Marv is my bud these days. That's him above.
Marv is like a largescale caterpillar/Muppet. His expression never changes. 'are you mad? are you sad? how are you feeling?' It's always the same. He isn't capable of mood swings.

It's pretty much:
All Marv All The Time

everytime i turn around, there he is. It's not ME when i turn around - it's HIM.
Fighting for the tap so he can suck water drips out of it, wafting in like a feather with his fancy 'champagne-coloured' persian glory, materializing out of nowhere...

Because of his litterbox (which should all be banned from the universe) i overzealously hoisted a massive box of kitty litter up the stairs and damaged something deep in my lower back. I can barely tie my shoes in the morning. Lowering myself into the car is a challenge. But i think it's getting better. Ever since i told the yoga teacher what happened..ever since she said, 'you may not be letting go of something'...suddenly i feel the shift. I know it's connected. I already knew that. Probably before I was born.

(saw the chiro today. she was good. she said it is a sprain. she did a crazy manipulative folding up of my body and threw down all her weight on top of me. it was great! i said, 'i wish i could do that to myself!')

Today i went to 'Dean's Strings' to look at guitars and ask about teachers. The guy working (not Dean) kinda muscley/nerdy/older guy with big gaps in his teeth (the best) and tinted glasses like 70s Paul Williams was nice. He pointed out the acoustic guitar he thought was the best. He said, 'It even has a pick up! I just discovered it this morning!' and pulled out a little amplifier. That really got the wheels turning. Next thing, he's pulling out a guitar for himself and he's strumming along trying to teach me "Horse With No Name"....'it's only two chords'..i have slight dyslexia and mental blockage when someone is force-teaching me against my will so i was blanking out but trying.....i think he wanted me to start playing along with him. No can do. Doesn't work that way. He was really nice and getting settled in: 'Yeah, i've only been playing 6 years' This is inspiring...i'd guess he's in his late 40s. Right on. ALL I want is a hobbie out of this. I don't care what happens. I had 4 minutes to get to an appointment and ran out saying i'd be back later. I don't think i would have done this in any other place on the planet (gone into a guitar store hi..tom lee? and actually was treated to that kind of service).

I went back and his sister was there...early 50s. She's a musician. Any lady playing a guitar over 50 basically rules. As for lessons, she told me 'oh yeah, just go online..there's all kinds of know when my brother was going thru his turmoil a few years ago, i handed him a guitar and i said, 'you're gonna learn how to play this now' and he did and he's been playing ever since. I said to him, you can leave all your troubles behind and you can play your guitar and let it all slip away. Instruments are good for that'. and i said:

yes, the guitar is a good friend

it was a nice exchange..then she pointed to a stack of boxed mandolins and said, 'i'm gonna try that next'.

Battle of Evermore. That's the one. The Heart cover is better than the original led zep version. The sisters sing it as the 'Lovemongers' act the put together in the 90s. There is a recording of it on the SINGLES soundtrack!!!!!! My favourite grunge movie...I once took a CAB to see that movie in Montreal - after having already seen it a few times. So embarrassing. My friend Christopher and I still quote it to this day. I'm a total sucker for Cameron Crowe. He's married to Nancy Wilson. Nancy has a tiny part in Fast Times At Ridgemont High as the hot babe in the hot car wearing the angora sweater. She always scores his movies. Because she is "never not awesome".

Random awesome movie review:


basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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