Wednesday, February 4, 2009

god is in the radio

ben gave me this plastic jelly bean. it opens up. i love that thing.
i've been making pincushions. white on white on white with *pearl*. my penpal James T. Boyd of Oakland, CA sent me those buttons. He said, 'yeah some canadian artist..i dunno i bought this book of her drawings to cut up'. i'm all: james, that's my friend!. what a lil brat! bought the Drawn and Quarterly book of hers (Milk Teeth) to hack up. He did a nice job. James lives in the Purple House featured in the Punk House (Interiors In Anarchy) coffee table book. Hi James! Paradox! James sends me the BEST mail. Anyways, back to hacking: there was a Taschen Marilyn Monroe book that came out a few years ago. It's MASSIVE. 20"X25" or something. It is beautiful. It comes in a box replicating the old Kodak film box her original shots came in..even grease-marked. The book is printed in silver ink. It was $300 retail at the time. I wanted to buy it so badly but i wanted to buy it to CUT UP. i thought it would be funny to get grant money to cut up expensive books. Not FUNNY, really. cos..that's My Real Art.
i got all these beautiful antique mother of pearl buttons from my old family friend Edwina over Christmas. I collect these buttons. I was on the phone idly pinning them onto the pincushion. see that is how ARt happens. when you aren't even thinking about it. that's the best kind. lesson #1.

the cushions are made out of angora sweater remnants from bunnies. i keep all the scraps.
i'm back on my QOTSA *thing*. bad.
and ben just told me DAMAGES is back on. That show was my favourite show from last year.
that's julie morstad at the top. i love that self-portrait.


Lisa said...

Nice to hear your thoughts of recent.

Mila said...

What a gorgeous post!
I love it all...


Username: mobius8radar said...

Hi S.E.A.,
I see(!) but really i just wanna talk with you. I was gonna call your cell just to hear you pronounce your name but I don't wanna bug you. I never got your letter you sent either. I swear I have a mail curse. I haven't sent your's yet. Soon. After laundry. Fondness as always. J tb

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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