Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm going to montreal

That's My Art. I take photographs. Shary's porcelain leg i got for a trade (remember?) and my mouse i never use but still forked over the $75. i love those purchases. now it's just...art on ...my bed.

i just came home from some 'judy chicago' a show titled: WHEN WOMEN RULE THE WORLD. ok. sounds good to me.
it is at the Textile Museum Of Canada ('connecting cloth, culture and art. ok)
woah that was some ....wooo weee...i'll report more on this. I got to listen to Judy talk about the work. It was very: GAIA and GODDESS. Tailend 80s very beginning of the 90s captured in thread!

if this was a paid gig, i'd def edit my writing but i'm just blobbing here. same goes for that 'She's Just not that...' thing i wrote. it's dumb for dumb.

but this is more important!~

i'll upload my judy pics later! i got a sneak preview cos ginger brooks takahashi, my bro, is in the show with her OUTSTANDING QUILTWORK: An Army Of Lovers Cannot Fail. Ginger and I did a show in 2005 with Sarah Cain: Book Of Small in my birth town. That was some crazy cathartic sh*t for me.
some other time.

I got to hear Judy herself talk about the work which is cool.

she is tiny as in madonna/tom cruise tiny and must be in her late 60s i'm guessing but it's hard to tell. she has personal style like gloria steinem has her personal style. Judy Personal Style is lots of make-up..mega...purple/black lipstick, dyed reddish orange hair and frizzed out fried one side clipped back with a flower (very pretty). she loves purple..she wore black satin dress slacks and heels and a jacket and some ornamental choker kinda lacey. she is supremely confident.

that's how you do it. you can make anyone like your work if you are Supremely Confident.
i'll post the pics and you'll see what i mean! tomorrow. i gotta go pack and it's 2 am.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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