Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i'm dying to try

this is my current lame-ass kitchen sitch. i might as well be living in a trailer or on a boat...see the part between the stove and the sink? that's my COUNTER SPACE. what fool designs this? good thing i'm a lady of systems. the system usually goes: how can i get this done as fast as possible??? i apply this system to errands and chores b/c with my art process takes FOREVER so i have to save time where i can. the picture you can barely see is a girl kissing the white-haired blonde boy from that van sant's Elephant. I'm hopeless.

yeah yeah i gotta get the mexicola pix up!
i have to sort, edit, re-size, upload....write a bunch of dumb witty comments about, y'know, a lone birkenstock on the dance floor...
all on a volunteer-basis.
but in the meantime - here is my PET. Her name is SNOWY. My pet is a POSTER. She is also the picture on my cellular phone so i basically stare at this image all day. There is a photograph of me aged three with this exact expression.

so my FAMILIAR right now is...a long-haired white female cat. this is a real switch up b/c my last familiar was a little short-haired black boy cat FRANCES (dear god let him RIP). see. it all balances out. the yin yang can sit static.

PS this is a toronto sublet..most of that is not my stuff. my stuff is all-white. my stuff is clear. it's see-through. i'm still a gypsy roller who can't commit. lately i've been thinking about portland..thinking: i have so many beloved friends there...people really like me there. then i told C on the phone (or was it B thru Skype?), 'i walk really fast, maybe i should move to new york' and then sarah suggested in a letter i should really consider Los Angeles cos of the constant sun for moods..i love california. i do. i am just not sure where i should live for ultimate thrive-a-thon. hmm. keep ya posted.

till death do us part,

PS hey J recognize the 'filmy hanging thing' from the lamp? yeah that's the lacey ghost from DAWSON.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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