Saturday, February 7, 2009

She's Just Not That Into You

I'm Into You
Here is the lambie i made from scratch for the Magic Pony Stay Gold show. Lambie took a really long time to make. Hundreds and hundreds of stitches. I started with a felt base using a simple pattern and then pulled the hand-knit slate grey angora over the body. It was such a loose knit, i had to keep layering like papier-mache. Yeah good one. I was working through some things obviously. Lambie is available through Magic Pony at a price that seemed like a typo. As in: Major Deal. You heard it here.
"Did you say my name?" So lambie is inspired by my two priceless Steiffs. One i bought with grant money in 1999 (it's My Art) and the other was a gift from Lisa Prentice a couple of Christmases ago. She *gets* me. Smile. Oh yeah so my two Steiffs..i usually have them on display with a bunny riding them. They are in storage right now so i miss them. I hope to make some more lambs. stay tuned. I'm in a lil over my head right now with work. like way.
more and more
Ok this is a bunny made from a sweater wearing a sweater made from a different sweater.
Ta da!
"Did You Say My Name?"
Bunny in a mohair cloud. Long gone from the Stay Gold show.
I've been ordering packing materials from this company ULINE. They have good sturdy envelopes for sending out giclee prints and other unbendables..and a million other things. Hall And Oates played their staff party. They have incredible customer service and turnaround. I asked for two flat 9X12 mail samples and they sent them out immediately in TWO SEPARATE BOXES with about a mile of kraft paper plus three thick catalogues. I couldn't believe it. They could've sent me the envelopes as is. Just stick a stamp on it. I wrote a complaint letter about the waste. It was farcical. I'm still using the kraft paper for mail-outs. hello! Just one of the millions of reasons why Mother Earth is being sent to hell in a handbasket. C'mon!

i just saw that movie 'He's Just Not That Into You'. Even just typing that out felt like a waste of my time.

it's pretty mediocre. big surprise!
it's always weird watching hollywood celebrities playing normal people being normal playacting "our" rules. whatever that means. copies of copies copying. copying something that doesn't feel real in the first place.
sometimes my mouth was agape so i had to sit in the PACKED theatre with my hand over my mouth. just in case.
sometimes i would laugh
i like ginnifer goodwin. she's fun and *into it*. i enjoy her positive bubbly energy on Big Love. Her character was way, way, WAY over-the-top. The whole theatre was cringe central for every 'stupid shitty thing' she did. But YES it is TRUE. She put herself and her heart out over and over and over a billion times more than any HE ever would. (exceptions to this rule of 'he')
jennifer aniston is good. she's the most 'grounded' lisa and i agreed.
kris kristofferson made a ghost appearance as her dad. that was bonus.
drew is just a bad actress. i'm sorry. i actually dont mind Drew. I like Drew. I grew up with Drew. we all did. i find her extreme articulation practiced speech a bit how come every character she plays talks like that? Answer: she's not acting.
she just wants to play characters who are her and can wear clothes that she wants to wear.
she executive produced it which explains why she was onscreen for about 5 minutes playing her kooky self
yay drew!
(for a good time, i suggest renting or streaming MAD LOVE (bad/hilarious/drew having a breakdown/great scene with her cutting and pasting thousands of eyes from magazines on the wall/i always thought would be a great installation) or POISON IVY good as in AWESOME. just get it)

oh yeah back to the movie. i dont know.
i think the sad reality is that this demographic (packed theatre. lisa and i were the only 'weirdies' there everyone else was Total Mall) is DESPERATE. Desperate to understand themselves and The Opposite Sex. What is the problem here? come on people!
but i have to say...some of the DATING/RELATIONSHIP b.s. things brought up were relevant to much so that i was doing a mental check list the whole way through: oh yeah. i did that. i did that. i experienced that. i did that YESTERDAY.
dating! waiting to see if The Date is going to order just one more drink. Playing chess. just not that into it.
anyways, it's a very embarrassing title and dont get me started on the book. maybe i'll write more later. i'm still processing. everything. in the meantime here are some pictures!

oh yeah PRODUCT they practically shoved American Spirits up our noses..practically lit the smoke and handed it over to me in the audience (and i occasionally smoke those things..i started when i was dealing with my ex in vancouver last fall. i'm not hooked. ironic). Also: Crest whitening strips..there were a few more randoms..but AMERICAN SPIRITS. I guess the cost of making that movie and paychequing all those heavy hitter Talents was hella expense. hella spendy. need lots of sponsorship. so yeah it's a big commercial as well as being an 'important film' and a 'wake-up call to The World'

oh yeah: scarlett j ("ScarJo") as a yoga instructor/struggling singer. She thinks she's so marilyn monroe. sorry lil lady. think again.

ben affleck was playing a shadow of his former self. it was weird. is he depressed?

he stole the show by finally agreeing to marry jennifer aniston after she dumped his ass because THAT IS WHAT SHE WANTED ('i can't do this anymore') after 7 years of living together and it's what ALL WOMEN WANT even though he doesn't believe in marriage but HE WANTS TO MAKE HER HAPPY BECAUSE HIS HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON IT. Which might explain the depression.

I guess the key word for 2009 is HOPE.

i'm sure more will come to mind.


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I AM into the Lambie. Soooo awesome.

And bunny in a sweater, too.

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yes, Sonjay. I want your syndicated column in my daily. We're working on this as of Wed. this week.

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