Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tattoo Yoo

my mom had that record when i was growing up.
my parents had excellent records and an incredible hi-fi system.

cubby and i would have airbands in the livingroom way before solid gold
cubby liked 'start me up'..i always thought Mick was singing, 'Stormeo'

when darce and i were in the 'horse last year, we went to AQUAFIT and 'start me up' was the first song. obvs. we were the youngest ones there.

back to airbandin':
when cubby and i discovered AC/DC, cubby would use a massive piece of driftwood as a bass for 'girls' got rhythm'.

there are a few folks roaming with tattoooooos of drawings i have done*
the above is the latest.

if you know of any, tell them to send a pick-chur to me!

I myself have no tattoots. My pain threshold for physical pain is very low. I can handle pain but i prefer not to, if you get my drift.

my driftwood. my driftwood bass.

IF and IF i had a tattoo it would probably be a pinprick or a grain of salt or sand cos i'd yell, 'ok stop! stop! Enough!!!'

and that'd be all the tattoo artist wrote.

a grain of salt.

smoochie wooch!

PS i just got back from a nice birthday party hosted by COE AND WAITO my favourite ceramicists in the city. they make beautiful porcelain work. i am fortunate enough to work in their proximity.

more on them to come!

*PS Brooke my main Lady Illustrator Reigns Supreme (recent genius watercolour of the Olsen Twins like siamese twins) tricked me into a tattoo in 2008. She sent an email:

'can you please write out the words: 'and the sky was made of amethyst', scan them and email them to me when you have a chance?

and i had time in the yukon so i did it on the spot...even though it's a courtney love lyric..but really a HOLE lyric from a song i used to love but i DO still listen to it cos that was then when she was good. The song is 'Violet'. Brooke knows how i feel about C. Love. It's huge debate.

so she goes ahead and gets it TATTOOED on her inside forearm. She thought if she told me in advance, I'd be all: NO WAY.

but. it's good. 'i get what i want/and i never want it again/i get/what i want/and i never want it again/go on/take everything/take everything/i dare you...etc'

it's a great song.


*mary* said...

I still love that song.

This is sort of strange. THIS morning I was looking through your book and thought, "Man, that would be a great tattoo!"

My daughter's name is Violet. Hahaha. Was it a subconscious Hole reference in naming her that? I'll have to be hypnotized to know for sure.

jerri said...

i have one of your illustrations tattooed on my arm..want to see? i couldn't find an email address for you..

jerri said...
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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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