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I like Margot Kidder. She was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories! She has become an advocate for natural and herbal treatments for psychiatric conditions, including orthomolecular medicine. Plus she starred in *Sisters*, Superman(s), Amityville Horror, Black Christmas etc. She's ballsy.

I hope my collage wasn't too sick. For y'all. I hope i don't get in trouble. It's just life. The world is messed.

anyhow(s) - i wrote this @ the mall today.

Blogs. Who knew?

Pamela des Barres promises she will think of a better name!
Can’t wait!
Blog it up!!!

This is the shit I learn on twitter when I’m re-directed to her (totally weird/random) website. She does rock’n’roll weddings!!!! She’s a minister. I told Robert Dayton on the phone yesterday. In exchange he told me what “RAP” stands for (after I told him a lot of the writing I have is..pretty much rap. Or ‘sweet rap poetry’).

RAP= Rhythmic American Poetry.

But I’m not American. Maybe I will be one day. I wont rule it out.
Maybe the man of my mayhem dreams is there. Or not. Who cares?

Smack dab. There’s some rap

PS Miss Pamela is also teaching creative writing classes. I thought that might be interesting...funny..then i saw a picture of her first class and...ya i wont be able to relate to those people. And...i can relate to almost anybody who is on the earth. I'm good at finding commonality. It's my *gift*. Not that i always want to find the time and energy it takes to DIG. i'd rather not.

Edie brickell and new bohemian style. I’m not aware of too many things I know what you know if you know what I mean.

Oh ya plus P.D.Barres (who is just so sweet and darling. Just turned 60. There are crap snap shots on her site at her sixtieth bday..wearing …kind of a baroque/milkmaid/marie Antoinette get-up…and there’s frggn DON JOHNSON who she used to date..but his back is to the digital camera. Regrettably I went on line searching 4 DJ pics during my Miami Vice Obsession (2005-2007) – I lived to regret. Time is not treating him well. I think he may have anger issues.

But oh Sonny Crockett. I still love you! I even named my computer after you! SONNY.

I am at the MALL working. Emily is showing me the ropes. My writer friend. She’s hardcore. We’re hardcore. She’s sitting behind me. I told her not to look at my computer screen. I thot it would distract her while I googled images of the dish and the spoon and skunks and wind blowing etc. I have to wear headphones b/c G*y starbucks is LOUD…making frappaccinos by the second crunching ice and other people in their ‘offices’ on cel phones calling all over the planet. But it helps. I’ve always done stuff like this – worked in random places - and small cafes don’t cut it. At least at starbucks no one gives a rat’s ass WHAT you do and I love the anonymity. Working at home all the time gets to be a DRAG. I’m no fkn carrie bradshaw gazing wantonly out my new york apartment window wondering what word I will choose next in my sentence. But I’m not really a writer.

Anyways, it’s a great mall. Emily took me on a tour. It’s upscale posh which is a bit dangerous. I already blew some cash at H&M. That took about 10 minutes. I don’t like when I go into ‘High & Maintenance’ and I walk out w/ some shit thinking: what just happened? That’s what that place does to you. (So does Ikea). So you have to be really strong and not get seduced. I might have to swap my new dress/top for a full-on maxi dress w/ peacocks on it. Ya I think so. But the $7 full-brimmed panama hat will do the trick..and the $2 halter-style tops will be decent AFTER I tie-dye them (no. just dye. Regular) (epilogue: did swap dresses. The new floor-length is LOUD: blue with peacocks and roses. Thank you to the sleeping lion that is China.

True blood was good last night. I forgot there was a TV in the apartment where I live. I have a piece of cloth draped over it so I don’t have to look at it. I’m so used to being fused to the laptop – I just went straight to streaming. When a girl wants something bad enough – she’ll find it. I was able to stream 5 minutes after it aired…it was good quality except the dialogue was slightly off. I’m glad Lafayette is still alive. But damn! He’s not part of the chain gang anymore! Now HE’S a vampire!!!! I guess it makes sense. He’s a great character. That show is premium.

So I’m sitting here (@ the mall) staring at some Twilight merch. What a bunch of junk. A tote bag that reads: I heart boys who sparkle.

On second thought – maybe I need that bag.

I’ll mention this again and I’m not allowed to - I signed a contract but a fierce bunny WILL be in bella’s bedroom. How awesome. I love twilight.

Oh it’s time for cheap sushi shortly. Emily says it goes on sale after 7pm.

We took the bus here even!! It’s a 25 minute ride. I still have shitloads of work to do.

I’m just sorting my writing out on the laptop. I have barely tapped it. I have to just print it off and deal with it. What a mess. Prose, poetry, gripe water, ‘raps’, letters, songs. A regular carboot sale.

I don’t know how to sort most of my writing. Forming. That’s a Germs song. I really don’t. I’ll have to ask some questions. I will need feedback. I will need to ask for help.

I really want everyone in the world to be happy and fed and loved and clothed and housed.

I need to say this b/c this blog entry is full of fluff and materialism and other bullshit and the above is what I think about most of the time. My heroine is Louise L. Hay!

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