Thursday, June 25, 2009

"We Cut Up The Same Magazine"

I write this to u from my deathbed.
naw not really. i was going to go lie on the bed and type from a camille-like/can't lift a finger pose but i have to lift all my fingers to demon-type (which is what i do. type fast)

got this email from my old, old, OLD penpal - JC aka Jeff Jank

backstory: we've been penpals since about..oh 1993.
we hv the boxes to prove it!

boxes of letters.

i'm harassing him right now to send me some of my papers for a book project i'm working on and he emails me THOSE (see above) pics w/ the subject:

we cut up the same magazine

his: 1995
mine: circa 2000? don't know. i had a bad habit of never dating anything cos...why?

the third pic is 2008! i am STILL working with this same LEATHERFACE imagery.

my story w/ Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a harrowing 12 year-old memory which i wont get into now (it's funny, tho). I have a thing with chainsaws. My dad and grandpa were loggers. We heated our house with trees that we logged ourselves. Chainsaws are so hilarious to me. And scary. And ridiculous. So, ahem, with my collages - i was just collecting imagery that was playing with golden light. The Leatherface pic is taken during 'THE GOLDEN HOUR' when the sun is just going down and casts the most spectacular, beautiful light...Terrence Malick ('badlands') did an entire movie using that light: Days Of Heaven. A beautiful movie.

oh so yes collage bits PROSE...a tequila sunrise (madonna's drink of choice in Desperately Seeking Susan...which pal Susan and I would drink...b/cos of & my most favourite movie ever "D.S.S") ...sid and nancy...Jank's 1995 collage text reads:


(hahaha. jeff's so funny. I guess he's my soulmate). Jane Fonda (or "Jane Fondle" as my dad says) and angelina's dad jon voigt in a wheelchair in 'Coming Home' anti Vietnam movie. Jon Voigt is super messed btw. Politically. And there is something really weird between VOIGT and his daughter JOLIE (who will no longer speak to him). CELEBRITIES!!!!! get your stupid shit together.

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!! friggin michael jackson is dead!!! what the ?????????? i'm still dealing w/ farrah fawcett. (mind you...i thought she died awhile ago b/c of her extreme cancer...she has been at death's door for some time now. I was grieving in advance. I have an uncanny knack for predicting celebrity deaths. Sometimes way off the mark but sometimes bang the fuck on. F.F. had a touch of the Marilyn Monroe legacy. just a twinge. ya know? Her celebrity messed with her celebrity. Deeply. She was famous for being..famous. Her acting in the Burning Bed and Extremities blew the collective mind. Just found online she curiously had a hand at sculpture a few years ago. she did, afterall, major in art history in the late 60s.

I've been vaguely, lazily wanting a bottle of her Farrah Fawcett shampoo from the 70s..just to have i could display it and stare at it..or make art with it..i was never proactive about it. I settled for a late 70s magazine clipping...just to save space. Julie Morstad and I used the clipping in a collaborative (that word never sits right) collage show we did together. ya! that was good.
(apparently FF never endorsed this product and never made a penny from it. There's something like that with her poster, too).

i hear ambulances in the background. It's too late! Michael's gone. What if everything was just caving in on Michael? That is what i am visualizing. His deathbed.

One of my favourite musicians these days is Scout Niblett (as mentioned in past). She has a song with just her drumming and she's singing:

we're all gonna die
we're all gonne die

(on repeat).

PS ok twitter RULES right now. everyone is going apeshit on 'trending topics' RE michael...i really...oh's terrible, terrible. People - pay attention to michael! this is what happens to an abused child shoved in the face of celebrity!

bruce la bruce just wrote:

Michael Jackson's death is totally upstaging Farrah's. It's like when Andy Warhol died on the same day as James Coco.

(bruce has great twicks and tweets)

(or since it's 'jeff' day..i generally sign off all emails with: sometimes total strangers...a few years ago jeff writes: what is this 'xox' business? cat food?
so i just started signing off my emails to him: catfood)

that felt like deja vu. dear god i hope i haven't repeated myself here. cos i already do that. all the time.

and one more thing: i was steaming vegetables today: purple cabbage, radishes (hi C!) and broccoli. The water i poured out was BLUE. Like blue lagoon blue. Beautiful teal..i couldn't believe it!!!!! You have to try it.

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