Thursday, June 18, 2009

holy mother of mary

i just found fifty bucks on the ground today. tht NEVER happens anymore. i was waiting in line at the debit machine (where i seem to find myself EVERYDAY in the city) & my eagle eye spots something red on the ground..what the???? i swooped down and casually pocketed it. There wasn't (really) anyone around...then i got back in line. then i thought: oh ya. i dont need any money NOW! and went on my merry way to the organic produce store.

i have been wasting mass time on TWITTER. it's pretty fun! i'm 'following' pamela des barres, yoko ono (both free giving spirits on the innernet), uhh..oh ya anna paquin. still. her tweets are pretty dumb. samples:

Good morning! Hello Winnipeg! Can't get enough Starbuck's!

(i'm trying to visualize *her* drink. Years & yrs ago my fwend Christopher Flett (sorry: XOPHER) worked at a starbucks and fairuza balk came in often. she'd order a venti vanilla latte w/ extra, extra, extra vanilla and ...i'll have to email him and get the specs. my friend and i ordered the same drink just to try it and cos we were a lil bit 'obsessed' w/ was sick-a-tating. of course). I think there was some junkieness going on at the in 'H'. as in: HORSE. Not for me. The sugar drinker.

also: paquin and balk both played GROUPIES in Almost Famous. Pamela des Barres. see. it's all connected.

other sample paquin 'tweet':

Why, yes, I am familiar with the movie "Twilight". I really should watch that.

(she was responding to some dumb fan twit)

also following diablo cody. she's funny. she's always posting about some sweet junk food. still. she's hilarious. i like her spirit, too.

also: mcsweeney's, chronicle books, poppytalk...ya. these folks post every ten seconds so it's really boring and annoying. i like reading posts from the INDIVIDUALS.

evan rachel wood or cat power dont post at all.

there's a girl named Laura Jane Felds who lives here in TO and she is just awesome. "Sexy Sadist" ...she writes for a fashion blog:



Attractive Attracts Attractive

iDon't date dudes with iPhones

she's a genius. it goes on and on.

and this artist kid in vancouver...writes funny stuff:

Brokeass Mountain!

See. I love twitter for that. I can 'status update' all day if i want w/ the other status updaters.

but most of all - it wastes too much time.

speaking of time wasteage - i somehow got my paws on Season One of ENTOURAGE. it was an accident. i swear! my friend was moving was just..sitting there.

of course i finally watched it - while working in the background...i was cringe-ing so bad. i actually felt nauseated. One thing leads to another...i kinda 'relaxed' into i'm into it. vaguely..sorta..well, you know. it's still pretty barfy. i only check into these things purely for social..blah rah rah commentary. so dumb...MALE SexATC. blech. I just want to get into the heads of these males. ya right.
my fave character is the kevin dillon one. he is hilarious. calf implants? he's super ugly but his charisma!

WEEDS is back on. Weeds is okay. Showtime is the poor man's HBO. it's catching up a bit though. I prefer premium. It's very, very dark this season. It seems to be getting darker and darker. I dunno.

well, lynette's on her way over to do a read-through of The Break-Up book. I need to figure out how much meat i need to add to this effer. That's my epic book. "Netty" got me into 'Ride the Lightning'. She's so awesome. the perfect unusual blend of classy, composed, grounded, professional, perfect and METAL!

PS those bunny photos make me laugh. I found these little sunchairs in my favourite place: CHINATOWN (is that a racist term now? I caught shit for using the word LAME awhile back. a friend has an injured arm. i'm not kidding. i looked him and said, 'can we PLEASE not have this (lame) conversation????')..Seriously. choose your battles, man. ya those little chairs..they're meant for CEL PHONES. As in: go to beach, set up your deck chair, set up mini deck chair for your...cel phone.


anabela / fieldguided said...

Congrats on the $50!

Laura Jane is HILARIOUS. I love her use of the word "normie" on the NGFM blog. I used to call them "regulars," but sometimes, based on her descriptions, I think that I'm probably a normie. xo

Dralcoffin said...

Hey, sorry to be a downer, but Anna Paquin has confirmed she does not have a Twitter page, but that it's an imposter.

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