Monday, June 8, 2009

Kickin' Ass & Taking Names

ok so i'm part of a team right now - Team Rose Quartz - headed by team captain Lisa Smolkin (spearheaded the projekt) & it's a A WORLD TELEKINESIS CONTEST and we are fully kicking ASS. We remain undefeated. Half our team (there are three of us) isn't even in the same city! Our original plan was to be out together doing karaoke and freaking out etc...but that hasn't happened once. We were all together last weekend at Shary's birthday party - so that worked out. Lisa instructed us to carry an empty bottle around and anytime we were having FUN, we had to take the lid off. I had an empty spice bottle (clean!) that i wrote 'fun' on the lid. It made me aware of how often i was having 'fun'...mostly making up dance moves/interpretative dance to an Air album i'm (still) obsessed with. Anyways! When weren't together over the weekend - Lisa and I got on the phone and played RUSH on Youtube. That obviously worked again.

Here's the deal - the contest is held in Victoria, BC - my birthplace and home of questionable activity (Good, Evil, whathaveyou). The kids at the Minstry of Casual Living have created these boards (see above) and they are lighting the candles - whatever teams' candle burns down first or creates a pool of wax in the direction of the other teams zone...i dunno something like that. how's that for half-baked?

I actually need to run b/c i'm heading down to Trampoline Hall to help Lisa with a bit of set dec. She's in charge of the decorating for tonight's lecture series. She's doing MAKE-OVERS on audience members. Can't wait!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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