Tuesday, June 9, 2009

white things

i "stoleded" those two last images from ETSY..just people...selling..things...those are ancient stockings...i saw the image and thought: WOAH! Hold UP! is that someone's ART??? incredible! but naw. it wasn't a limited edition photo. she was just advertising her antique socks for sale...the Mr. Sneeze is a kleen-ex dispenser...late 70s? great image....I couldn't be bothered to buy it and have it trucked halfway across the planet. My days of POSSESSIONS are over. (unless absolutely exquisite and necessary). The top image is a photograph that Ingrid Percy took. It was a porch ceiling we all used to sit underneath...me and the other girlfriends and boyfriends of days long gone. Long Gone. It was on East 16th Street in Vancouver, BC. An old dilapidated Victorian house basically operating as a roominghouse. I was there all the time on account of the boyfriend :). There was a man who lived upstairs that I never saw. No one did. Suddenly one day I heard Deep Purple piping out his window. I guess he was having a good day.
Later the house was sold and everyone was kicked out. This happened all the time in Vancouver. happens. to all my friends. We went back and watch it get levelled to the ground. It was so sad. I often think of that day. Crushed wood, splintered, destruction. The smell of dust, decades of filth and cedar, old dead wood. Some guy operating heavy machinery, bored plowing it down in a Caterpillar. The Usual. I just stood and stared at the space in the air where we used to sleep. A space suspended in air, nothing.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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