Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse

i'm over the moon on True Blood. I just watched season 1. PREMIUM HBO. fun!!! i love it. it has depth and kitsch. Sometimes my timing is impeccable as far as tapping into 'collective consciousness'...i didnt know there was such a murmur that's getting more and more audible...didn't realize season 2 starts...TOMORROW. ya.
it's weird to connect anna paquin - the little girl in the Piano to sookie stackhouse. she still has gaps in her teeth and a very...unusual mouth...she has Blonde hair in a (cheerleader) ponytail and a Tan. she was born in winnipeg and then moved to new zealand. she's on twitter. she can't spell. ('payed') and she just sounds like a sweet robot responding to inane fan tweets.
btw, in Real Life she is dating her Vampire Boyfriend. YA! That explains the total authenticity of their scenes together. It's hot stuff!

(found out, too, that dexter married deb in Real life..shocking 'dexter' fans. ha ha). I love on-screen-to-off-screen romances. Everyone's just bored at work).

i've been wasting ALOT of time on twitter lately. it's like a huge suction vacuum that i am clawing my way out of. i now have to SHUT DOWN & HIDE the computer and leave the room or house. what happened to the days where i would sit contentedly making art and listening to music not thinking of anyone or anything else?

i have no choice but to bring those days BACK.

immediately. once again bit off more than i can chew. I need to do a full-scale window installation in three weeks (on a very busy street), work on website (dont look at it. just do not), custom bunny orders (w/ swarovski crystals!!!?), FINISH A BOOK (s)(i get heart palpitations thinking about it)..PAPERWORK, admin, accounting, maintain and spruce up Etsy store (?!) and THIS BLOG, scan a bunch of things, re-teach myself how to draw (ya right), look into a special secret project and make a quick decision, go to niagra falls, kill a fly, haggle, more unpaid labour (& more boring things you dont even want to know about) and my favourite: start making bunnies for CHRISTMAS. wtff? A girl needs get-a-ways, an intern and a manager. and some fun in the sun. i would like to lie on the beach.
Summer Romance is OUT OF THE friggs QUESTION. True Blood all the way!

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You can do it Sonja!
We'll spa it up soon - that will help.
Hey, I got my blog going finally!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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