Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Money Shots & Pennies

ya ya stevie. might hv to take this pick to the hairdress next time. i swear i've never done that.
um hi. that's jamie lee curtis KISSING michael meyers. money shot supreme! Sick!
best actress in universe: glenn close! as 'alexx forest' in FATAL ATTRACTION. she's not afraid to play the hard roles. She's not afraid to play a harsh bitch (see Damages)

I call all those pictures "money shots". I know. disgusting. But i cant think of what else to call them! I go cruising online for 30 minutes or so to find these things. It takes awhile. So i find the M.S. and high-five myself.

i'm glad someone else likes pennies as much as i do. A floor tiled with pennies! It's so beautiful. I'm gonna copy that. "Copy that! 10 four, big buddy". It's fun to copy! Everyone else is doing it! It's how we learn!
Katia gave me a big bag of pennies last month. I use them in bunnies as y'all know. I scrub each individual penny with a little toothbrush. I look for special years. I've started making birthday cards - very minimal with just the penny HOT GLUE GUNNED to the card - the year the patient was born.

Cubby (brother) works for the municipality of Esquimalt. He started off in highschool driving the Zamboni Machine (ice resurfacer. yes) and later became a garbageman. He said people would throw bags of change in the garbage. Bags of pennies.


There is a garbage strike in Toronto right now and people are going apeshit. I'm all: get a grip people.

Seriously..i throw out ONE small bag of garbage maybe once a month perhaps two. IF EVEN. I'm talking small plastic handled bag. Almost everything can be recycled. Almost everything except maybe...swept up lint or dust. If you are Kerri Reid, you can make art out of that.


(again, Cubby named his puppy "Penny")

The local CBC (so boring. i way prefer BC...) will not shut up about this one newspiece about a man who has taken upon himself to charge people $5 a bag to pick up their garbage and take it to a private dump. He's a STRIKEBREAKER. I heard the story 3 or 4 times today.

Here is some rambling from the weekend:

we'll see. if i can drag my tired ass out the house. at least i found a good outfit/uniform for the week. it's a full late 40s skirt - khaki w/ strange painterly print w/ bits of orange..kinda france-like (price: FREE), a calico/'little house' thin-strapped sun top (PRICE: $5 "i-hate-value-village-dot-com", a skinny orange neon belt from Italy (PRICE= FREE) and the awesome KORK-EASE in 'natural buff' that totally rule and fit like a glove. see somethings are awesome. (HOWEVER..PRICE = $300...and at least two months of harassing the company via phone and email. it. was.insane. i ended paying USD and an out of control brokerage fee - almost a hundred bucks. they were the last pair in that colour. sold out everywhere. i had to wait till they came in from brazil..and then tracked down at a miami warehouse...ridiculous. needlesstosay, i wear them every second.

now i understand why people want to go out. to wear an outfit that they like. i get it. or hope for a *love connection*. ha ha
or party get wasted or NOT BE WITH THEMSELVES.

i get it.
I'm just saying all that b/c i'm having problems extracting myself from the house. that's what happens when you work from home.

i am, however, trying to sprout some seeds.

i'm about to go hardcore w/ the Drawn and quarterly book. gotta get that done.
i m doing all colour, no text..so that all the world can look at it and there will be no language barriers..just the way michael (j) would've liked it!


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