Thursday, July 2, 2009


I like her hair. Jamie's, that is.

those are all pics from Prom Night. Watch the trailer for a sweet treat! It's Canadian!

diablo 'Juno' Cody got a pixie cut.
she stuck up a random photo on twitter. it's weird. i stared at it for a long time (@ least 20 seconds)* There isn't any point in me finding it and posting it.
she lined her ENTIRE EYELID (BOTH) with BLACK eyeliner.
"*20seconds i'll never get back".

The Egyptians used kohl to line their eyes to ward off evil spirits. "Diablo" may need Hollyweird.

she's really into this office she's working out of. won't stop talking about 'the office'. 'office this' 'office that'...'oh, the office'.
'sure is lots of food lying around in this OFFICE - 'specially in the conference room!'...'got caught eating chocolate cake straight out of the fridge'.
The she said:

'i just got mocked for having kriss kross on my 'work-out mix'

Do you wanna know how i know all this shit? TWITTER!

Mac Daddy/Daddy Mac (hit it or quit it). a great way to start the day! Two children rappers who wore their clothes backwards. Jump! Jump! "I missed the bus!"

for hollywood, diablo is considered 'cool' as in: 'weird cool'. for people like us, kriss kross made its way onto a party mixx FOUR years ago. (possibly five - let me check my download files).

jennifer's body is now being promo'd. Another movie she wrote. Writers are solitary creatures. This will explain why she likes being in the office so much! She can be in the company of others.

Unfortunately the people @ HBO behind TRUE BLOOD beat them to the punch w/ the ad campaign. (FAR superior). Same, same idea. A mouth. Very, very red. Blood.

That's not a good sign.

of course i might like to see the movie. Starring - who is this slut megan fox? Is it too early to tell? oh wait she's in TRANSFORMERS 2 w/ shia le bouef (aka new harrison ford with a name begging to be MOCKED. i understand that i did not spell his name right. So ya.. Jennifer's Body (named after a HOLE song). Waiting to be ripped to shreds. Shot in Burnaby, BC...just like JUNO! I guess that means the movie will be FUN!
I'm not going to talk about Juno right now.
J.B. the movie seems kind of on par w/ the new natasha (slums of beverly hills prodigy) lyonne movie 'all about evil'

N.L. is five feet three inches tall. Things went a lil haywire for her awhile back.
i was checking in w/ her online last night..wondering if she's okay. she seems to be. she almost died. she really should've played janis joplin. it would've changed everything. last i heard zooey deschanel got the part. but where's the movie?
I like Zooey. That was the only reason I watched WEEDS. (this season is really bothering me, btw. Nancy Botwin's attitude is very, very annoying..i mean, Mary-Louise Parker. I don't know. something is going on. 'Andy' is carrying the weight of the whole show on his shoulders. He is very hilarious. Not ever Jennifer Jason Leigh can soop it up. They better pull it together. Oh. Last week JJLeigh's character said, 'this necklace? i think i bought online through Etsy').

that Janis Joplin script has been circulating hollywood for, like, 15 years PLUS. Meg Ryan wanted to play it. MEG: what is your deal? WAKE ! UP! no you can't play Janis Joplin back then or ever! Just cos you have big hair - Janis Joplin you will never be. You already played Jim Morrison's drug addict girlfriend Pamela and made a mockery of her character. (btw, if you're really bored i HIGHLY recommend a re-watch of THE DOORS movie. what a hunk of hilarious deluded oliver stone @#*%). I recall Meg wanted to play Sylvia Plath @ one point. But no, Gwynnie got that. Y'see, Paltrow also gets depressed. I remember an ESPRIT AD from the late 80s (a really great time in history) with an unknown Gwyneth teenager. Her hair is mousey brown (perhaps even 'brindle shit brown') and she looks very bummed. She said: "I would distribute condoms at highschools". That was the campaign - all spelled out in large and small typewriter text font. It's hard to find that image online - for some reason. I am so thankful there is a Cate Blanchett in the world to lord/RULE over the Gwyneth Paltrows.

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