Monday, September 28, 2009


hey! it's kris kristofferson! o i get it. it was such a good movie b/c they were IN LOVE! perfection.
let's make this movie like a lady would! Martin Scores - hardly working or working hard? Who's his ladyfriend running the show?
i really needed to put these 2 images together

i really love this image. there is some killer photography in Jennifer's Body.
I want to know who has my phone.
I just wrote a pal (dr. skipper) that i feel like Jennifer in jennifer's body after she becomes a succubus/demon and she's in "Needy's" kitchen in the middle of the night & she projectiles all that black vile black blood. I wrote: i wish i could throw up all of that negativity inside of me.

it's a day where you ask: What Am I Doing Wrong?
(cause you KNOW there's a gathering around assessing and summizing the sitch..of what she's doing wrong).
when some things are right but most things are So Very, Very Wrong.

of course these things turn themselves around quickly, efficiently.

if i had the time/energy i'd write a book report/movie review about J's Bod...but i dont have the articulation skills. I will say - i did enjoy it and i was laughing most of the way thru. There was a part of me that wanted it over and done with so i could get on with my life. It wasn't one of those movies you wish would never end. My pal I went with, Emily, was beside me with her ears plugged. I kept turning to her, 'are you okay?' She did get up once or twice to go stand outside. She says she was brought up by her strict feminist mother in a house where there was no horror and NO SUGAR. I grew up in a house where i'd hang out w/ my dad and he'd rewind a scene from Dawn Of The Dead 25 times in a row laughing maniacally. C'mon, dad! It was a scene in which a zombie is getting its head blown off and CLEARLY it is a watermelon. Excellent effects). I grew up in a house begging my mother to let me stay up late to watch Carrie with her on TV. Age 7? 8? 'no bloody way!' I'd sneak down regardless and watch wide-eyed, transfixed, crouched behind the pantry door. I was stealth and sneaky.

There is alot to say about that movie. alot alot alot. (jezebel who has since turned dubious b/c NO ONE can agree).

I will say this: i RAN to the theatre to see miranda july's 'me, you and everyone we know'. I was dying to see what she had made - being a huge awestruck fan of her earlier work. It left me hollow. I still dont know how i feel about it. i find it interesting to note that boys really love this movie. that tells me that these boys who love this movie (and M.July) are sensitive. This is a good sign. To be frank, I found the movie annoying b/c i think we can do better. There needs to be more movies by women and better movies by women...not just cutesy anomalies.

A young filmmaker and i were talking over the weekend about her current favourite movie: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974). This is a martin score-say-see/seas movie and it's like...a woman made it. we talked about this. we came to the conclusion that the reason it is so ladylike/feminine is because Ellen Burstyn was driving the truck. THIS is what needs to happen. Martin let her do what she needed to do and she was a force to be reckoned with. There needs to be a thousand more movies like this (a year) till the end of time.

The wind was blowing so fiercely i swear there was a large godlike man in the sky blowing cheeks puffed out blowing in another hurricane. Hurricane Darcy. I dont know what letter they are at in the alphabet right now. cant keep track. i had ear plugs in and it woke me. HOWLING. I think this is why my phone is gone. It's called : domino effect. It is not an Excellent Effect.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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