Sunday, September 20, 2009


fun times. me and bunny sophie need a haircut so very badly. actually sophie is more coiffed than i'll ever be.

i got to meet an angora bunny at the farmer's market last week. she's a beloved pet. it got me thinking. i want a beloved. pet. very much. it's been too long.

moving right along....

yes that day was a banner day. i got to have lunch w/ leanne who was visiting from Berlin. we met awhile back. what a lovely girl. she has the world's biggest tattoo of 'sonjaart' on her arm. fortunately i knew about it long in advance before i actually met her. if i had, say, bumped into her on the street and saw that, i might've had some kind of cardiac arrest/fainted. i don't know. a surrealist moment AT LEAST. i woulda went home and started up some tripped out dali art.

there's digression. hanging out w/ leanne helped me connect some dots. as it turns out her sister JENNA is the girl who handwrote me a letter oh so many years ago. 12, 13, 14, 15? telling me that she liked my art and what it meant to her. It was a teenage written letter with rounded script on 'binder paper'. it arrived at the perfect moment and to this day means so much to me. i have it tucked in a clear plastic sheet as a reminder.

i went and saw a Fleetwood Mac cover band last nite. . FLEETWOOD NICKS. I was quite dubious so i went online and did some research before i committed. i didn't want to see any hipster irony. NONE. There was none. I need not have worried. They were perfection. Late 40s/early 50s fronted by 'NICKS' as though she were re-writing history(uhh.herstory) cos maybe NICKS should've fronted The Mac for reals. Doesn't matter. She went on to be STEVIE. There was a single crazy Superfan dancing up a storm. Apparently she arrived wasted/arrived pumped so it kinda went from there. She had some incredible moves in her polar fleece. Sitting and watching a cover band lets your imagination run wild: "What do these people do all day?", "What are their day jobs?". We suspect NICKS is an aerobics instructor/personal trainer. She has the pipes and is very fit. 'Christine McVie' aka 'Crazy Eyes' was the other focal point in the coverband. The large-ish bass player wearing mirror shades was a bit obscured by 'Mick' and 'Stevie'. "Mick" looked a bit iggy pop/grizzled and was also pulling off a Tom Petty. In real life, Stevie is an honorary Heartbreaker. If they really knew their material, they would've done a Led Zep cover b/c Stevie Nicks (Welch Witch) loves to do 'rock 'n' roll' live.

FLEETWOOD NICKS is also available for weddings.


Lisa said...

you and this bunny are adorable together. i've never seen such a cute rabbit!

anabela / fieldguided said...

I want you to have a beloved pet!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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