Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i should probably get these. i think i need these. kickn it legit.

aren't these nuts? if they weren't made by CAPEZIO, i may not have looked twice but....ya. there's a POCKET. i could PUT SH*T in that pocket!

dont know why i'm obsessed w/ jean jackets right now. i want a small-sized one that's really old/faded. Now i know why people stone and acid washed..to get that effect. run them over with their car. beat them with a bat. throw rocks..at their jean jacket. stomp it.

i've been going to way too many thrift stores/buy-the-pound places.

it can get gross. now i'm done. what a time waster! it's worse than project runway!

but i got some neat things...even though things bother me. unless they are great things. special things. (like those booooots). like ANGORA. ya. high five to me. high five in the mirror. finally found some. now the world can have more bunnies. i'm thrilled. ya. real thrilled.

WOAH ALERT newsflash!! awesome art: Amy Yao
thanks to 'kathleen's blog' .See list on right and go there. Avert your eyes to the right. Her blog is great.

i want to complain about my day. but i won't. but i will. you know those kind. like a charlie brown day. he complains about it. i want to complain about it. like arguing on the phone with my bank for half an hour about FEES and CHARGES. WHERE do they come from? i complained so hard, i got a fairly large fee waived. big. all you have to say is that someone else (staff member/associate) told me/you otherwise. of course this is all the truth. i swear. i'm no lying sheister. the total opposite. i can't lie to save my life/out of a wet paperbag. but honest. Thanks banks! credit cards and cel phone companies. fees. hidden. hiding. dinging you every possible opportunity. as an artist, i dont get to do this. if i was a corporation or an institution, i could set up fees and rules and mandates that protected me at every angle. so that every precious second of my time was compensated. no bumps. like full body gear.

so i say FIGHT IT. they get to have all their dumb rules. we get to have ours. we just make them up as we go along.

that's what i do.

just ask to 'speak to a supervisor'.

i'm sure there is a red star by my name. everywhere. blackballed. A List.

thanks for comments, lovely ladies. luv you. i wouldnt be doing ANY OF THIS if it weren't for you (art, books, books, art..this thing, being alive) i'm serious. there's no other reason.

PS i did not get those above boots. they're for sale on etsy..somewhere. if you got them, you could put a note in the pocket. for someone that you like and then when you saw them you could put your boot up on a table/chair (jerri blank style) and slide the note out of the pocket of the jean boot.

PS have been listening to awesomely depressing-yet-uplifting UNWOUND. man. they play it. some of those guitar sounds perfectly emulate the sh*tty vibe of a teenager's 'sunday feeling'. Or maybe an adult's 'end of summer' feeling...on a sunday...with a book deadline..and said book scattered all over the entire house & twittering about that. 'make it stop'. i hate being a perfectionist. i want a whole-hearted trusted Art Partner to take the papers away from me & leave. WHERE ARE YOU????



those boots are AWESOME

Tessa said...

eep - those boots are Killer. and that reminds me...project runway tonight - hooray! i even watch the model show afterward; i'm obsessed.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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