Sunday, September 27, 2009

"The Dude"

The Dude. kris kristofferson. played it to perfection. i mean, jeff bridges. Figure A. "DUDE". Male. Dude. NOT female. Ladies - do you want to be called 'dude'?
I think not.
so these PANTS are called ZUBAZ. i'll never forget the day my co-worker's fiance told me The Name of These Pants. Thank you, Moses! (his name). The Dude wears these pants.

here The Dude is picking up some milk for his favourite alcoholic beverage. What is it? A Brown Cow. No. A White Russian. The perfect drink to slip a rufi into. "She'll never know!" -Random Dude.

I'm still working on working up to figuring out a way to abolish the word 'dude'. I know i can't. You wanna know why? Cos there are way too many dudes. It's wishful thinking...but i can wishfully think that people will stop calling ladies "DUDES". C'MON!

Don't get me wrong - i heart dudes. I heart dudes as much as i luv ZUBAZ.

thank you to Mel/Demo Derby for posting THIS!!!! The Inspiration! People are amazing.
This genius lady figured out the pattern for "The Dude's" sweater. Now I grew up on Vancouver Island back when everyone called them "Indian Sweaters". I know. Dude. This is more of a celtic/vaguely santa fe vibe. Whatever it is - it is globally transcendant. (i just made that up. i dont know what that means. i am procrastinating. i am sposed to be working on my book).
o ya. jennifer's body was fun!


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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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