Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three New Pieces Of Art

Lucas wanted to see the "Boyle" i got for my birthday. It's a pencil sketch study of Michael J. Fox from 1985. Thanks Shareballs! She's up for the Sobey Award this year (canadian art olympics. sort of). So please put your hands together in prayer (and clapping, high fives low fives) for her to win cause she deserves it! lady artists rule the world. it's not a v. good view but u get the gist. u get the gist that i dont hv time. Selena Wong did the tiny delicate gouache bunny!! i love it. it was a birthday gift. i'm very lucky (the blue bunny was uploaded as CMYK.whoops. everything on this computer is getting every image ready for PRINT. regardless, i like blue bunnies. i had a stuffed one as a kid and i left it out in the yard and my dad got mad and ripped the ears off in some fit of rage. hazy. i used to leave my toys out in the yard near my hide-away in a hedge. i made a house in there). Selena's my intern. we have lots of fun! mostly goof off. she's helping me with my book. she's a genius (look at her website!!!). she's helping me with the puzzle. she put one image together the other day - a lil illo of a girl in the rain - kinda holly hob - and Selena placed her (via ye old photoshop) into a jar of honey surrounded by stacks of other honey. i started crying when i saw it. other times i'm crying b/c i'm laughing so hard. she stays up late like i do so we email late at night while we're both parked at the computer.

and a beautiful compass pencil drawing by Alissa Coe. This drawing is v. faint and it is hard to see. apologies to the chef. i will scan it later!! promise.

an incredible tryipdych!

ps my book is killing me at this point. i am sick of my art killing me (of letting it. my fault). i cant even listen to music b/c it's too distracting. i sit in complete silence trying to BOOK it. as in: haul ass b/c it HAS TO END. my brain is in major multi-task overload (cos i'm so good @ it :))*
(get it? END...behind....). that's the probz w/ collage: INFINITE POSSIBILITY.

this is why i'm going back to the yukon. too many distractions. i have a few projects to finish up there. can't wait! so yes. i'm leaving toronto. breaking up is getting easier and easier.

i may be incoherent right now
*PS double brackets/smileys/emoticons/dbl brackets=chin resting upon other chin

(i think that was a pome)

PPS Peeve of the Week: when people say IRREGARDLESS
(actually more like peeve of the decade)


janice said...

say whaaaaaaat?

Lucas said...

MJF looks like a girl in that drawing! & Selena's stuff looks really great, I likes.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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