Saturday, September 5, 2009

R.I.P./Remember Her?/Who Saw Her Die?

Rest in peace!!!

you no longer exist.

i let my website die last week. it was a bit scary. i don't have my back-up! just this.

that site name was really getting on my nerves. any time anyone asked me 'what's your website?' i'd kinda cringe and mutter the name w/ a smirk/mutter.

i dont know why MY NAME wasn't used in the first place. I think b/c i didn't like the two 'A's in the middle: Sonjaahlers

now i dont care. now i like it.

for some strange reason some people have a hard time standing behind their own name (@ certain points in their life).

Favourite Thing Of Week: GIALLOS

That 'wiki' link is a great source with lots of titles listed. Incredible 70s Italian 'horror' cinema. Here is my favourite link for WHO SAW HER DIE?
INCREDIBLE aesthetics.
The elderly lady killer (who you dont see) wears black lace netting over her face and there are genius (hilarious) camera shots w/ that netting over the lens. Brilliant. Granny boots stepping silently down cement stairs. Syringes. Fake blood. Children's chorus. You name it. If i had the money, resources, time, crew etc - I'd make trailers like this. That's all you need. In fact, i think all of my work is a trailer. The kernel, the seed. I'm still a cherry picker at the soccer game.

Here is a slightly more creepy extended trailer of WHO SAW HER DIE?
Which has echoes of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.
Basically this movie was made while i was in my mother's tummy so I must've picked up the waves from across the lands.

it's a beautiful day. now that summer is over - all i want to do is go to the beach - which is what i'm doing. all i want to do is ride my bike by the lake.

the above photo is me (sanjay antlers) working in a studio that also no longer exists...from 2006? ted bois took the photo. he also took the new photos for the new Destroyer album (which i've yet to see ! Out Of IT! but i think/hope sydney's sending me a copy soon). I was also told by ted's gfriend that ted did the whole 'b' side of just-released single. Also would like to hear!

oh. so new website is:

but there's only a 'coming soon' image.

jason's making it. One of the more unusual people i've ever met.


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i did the same thing with my vintage shop a while back. i HATED the name, i HATED when people asked what it meant and why I was named that. it was so terrible and even though it was doing fine i couldn't bare to go on with it!

i think your name looks fine together. the double A is no big deal!

Elisa Rose said...

did you know one of my favorite soundtracks is from chi l'ha vista morire? i had to order a bootleg copy of the cd from spain as i couldn't find it anywhere else. very creepy work by the ubiquitous ennio moricone.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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