Tuesday, September 29, 2009


See that man? I feel like i have that bundle of sticks on my back. i keep wanting to go as him for halloween but i keep forgetting (Read: can't be bothered. Read: dont want to dress up like man, either. Read: I dont like halloween).
i want that sticker.
this song is always the soundtrack.
(probably since i was a teen and i saw the kiefer sutherland/winona ryder movie: 1969 and i went out and bought the tape and drove around listening to it. Nothing has really changed. looking back, unfortunately, the movie is a hunk of junk but it made an impression on my would-like-to-be-late-60s mind-born-the-wrong-time. If i was born at the right time, I'd be a Boomer now. How'd you like them apples? Plus I'd be almost done! PLUS i could start selling off all my properties. Or no. Wait. I'd wait just a lil longer...what was i thinking? giving away all my boomer secrets!

(RE 'vid'. who are these amazing people who sit around all day (@ work . no doubt. The Office) making these PHOTO MONTAGES? In this instance the credit reads: Creative: Coloradream. Ya.
gd. it must take forever. good thing they're getting paid while they're doing it. I tried office work after high school and it just didn't stick. Perhaps i should re-think this. Then I could sit around and make these vidz all day AND get paid!! I bet Creed* from The Office(US) does that).

'can't find my way home' by blind faith is a very good song. i like anything haunted. take up a few notches to a great lyric:

'i'm wasted/and i/can't find my way home'.

And you have a masterpiece.

*Creed. best character and name on TV ever. Favourite expression: "Cool beans!"

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karen said...

Creed Bratton is real. He plays himself for the most part. Totally best TV guy EVER. Real hippie.


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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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