Monday, September 7, 2009

i love comments

ask & receive/blah blah believe

ted bois sent me the photo he took i was describing prior. thanks teddy bois!

the destroyer picture. it's astonishingly beautiful.

here's my favourite song of the week. thanks to elisa rose for karaoke-ing it. she did good. she knows good music (DJ Grannymasherflash). note: the video for this song is really dumb so here's the karaoke version. lil wayne's on it, too. he is someone you dont want to look at too closely. i swear every single time a car drove past me this summer w/ bass thumping - it was always lil wayne. always. it made me laugh. i like some of his music fo'sure. egomania.

trying to get everyone on

i just started. i have 3 songs? i was trying to get new neko case but didn't get very far. i'm so behind. i need new music! i can only listen to STYX so many times. (jokes).

alrite. am project runway crackhead now. what are we going to call this in 5-10 years? the phenomenom of watching episode after episode after episode. many, many people do this (except probably not madonna. world class control freak). i like to use the excuse that 'i'm working'.

i had heard about P.R. before, obvs, but thot it sounded boring. fashion can bore me - like nobody i know wears those clothes. where do you wear those clothes to? to the grocery store? a boring poetry reading? that's my reality. a bunch of egomaniacs making stuff. i am, however, in awe of anyone who can pull it off: MAKE CLOTHES. the architecture of textiles. BUT!!! this show!! i love this show. watching people work/watching their creative process even fr a goofball's standpoint @ a laptop - it's better than art school. i'm learning alot. it's very inspiring. i especially love how they just go for it. Now that's inspiring! (said in jerri blank/afterschoolspecial lesson learned voice).


caitlin shearer said...
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caitlin shearer said...

hi Sonja!
i ordered a copy of your book a while ago but it still hasn't arrived. do you know how long they usually do take?
i'm so eager to read it. :)

p.s. has to delete my last comment because of some heinous spelling errors. oops.

x caitlin.

girlyhandwriting said...


Hi Miss Sonja,

Your entries have been killer lately. Right now I am listening to 'Sweet Dreams' by Beyonce. Listening to it makes me feel like life is all fun and, like, I am sexy, but then the song ends and I feel dirty and there is an old cream cheese knife on the counter.

I can't wait for your new website.

xo, suzy

Tessa said...

Your book is wonderful! I picked it up at a gallery in Brooklyn a few years ago.

I am horribly addicted to Project Runway's a problem...

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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